New twizy- pickup of delivery

Just brought a used twizy. We are in Dorset and the beast is in Kent so 130 miles plus. We have family in Surrey so that is one stop sorted. We have got a type 2 converter and a power box so with 2 people in I wonder what the range will be.
I want to avoid motorways and being a slow charge we need somewhere th thaw out/ dry out while we wait.

It’ll fit in the back of a long wheel base van - mine came down to Dorset from Milton Keynes in the back of one. Range of mine in this weather with average hills and 30-50 driving is about 30-35 miles.

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Just asked the dealer for a quote for delivery as weather looking rubbish again

Mine didn’t charge anything but I did overpay a bit for the car so I think they were happy.

I’m near Poole btw - are you local?

Business vehicle based in wimborne. Our neighbour says he saw one in WINTON.
Got the type 2 adaptor and powerbox so hopefully will be nippy.

I’m over in Winton fairly regularly doing deliveries so it might have been me :grinning: (16 plate blue).

Have you sorted transport for yours now?

Being deliver d Friday morn. Cost me. Just need to get the insurance sorted.