New tyres today

Been hanging these out for a while, but with the winter looming , thought I better change the rear boots as they are nigh on illegal. Slightly different tread pattern on the new Continentals . Took some finding the correct tyres, Black circles was the only place, none of my trade people had them, Continental themselves only had 1, with no date for a new batch being made.

By a "slightly different’ tread pattern - do you mean the new ones have tread? :smiley:

Interestingly , the circumference of the new tyre is 20mmgreater than the old, so my reckoning means a lower motor & gearbox speed, hence further range, as most of our running is at 52 mph

Were the original tyres Continental WinterContact rather than eContact?
BTW Mytyres list both types:

No my new ones are the regulat E Contact.
The link you supplied is for front tyres (125)
The rears are 135 & MY tyres do not have this size .

Sorry, my bad. I forgot the rears were wider. Although aren’t they 145 not 135? I guess it doesn’t make much difference.

Yes , my mistake 145, it says on the label in the pic :flushed:

My Twizy rear tyres are ready for replacement, I can’t get many more miles out of them before they are illegal.
The Twizy has 14,250 miles on the clock, so it’s done better than some folk!
Did a bit of shopping around and its booked in Monday to have two new rear tyres fitted.
Going with the original Conti Econtact 145/80 R13 75M tyres.
Two rear tyres fitted, new valves and balanced etc for £110.40 inc vat


Just had my rears changed today with 10500 miles on the clock… They were still legal but getting border line. I forgot how much I paid for them now (internet) as I bought fronts and rears together. It’s in one of the threads. My fronts had to be changed at 7000 miles as the inside were totally worn because the tracking was way out. The garage charged me £10 per wheel for changing and balancing.

Most Twizy’s have a really poor wheel alignment. Which will cost you tires, but also costs you a lot of range!
There is a simple solution for that. Buy the Gunson Trakrite.

You check the alignment front by driving over the Trakrite. The gauge shows the result. Easy correct it on one side and move to the rear wheel. Also only correct on one side. Ready.