New Windows Coming

I’ve bit the Bullet and ordered the French Windows :slight_smile:
These will replace the official Renault Windows I currently have fitted, so they will be up for sale soon :smiley:

Hopefully will arrive before the Weekend.
They were not cheap but I hope they are as good as they look.
I will post some pictures and a review once fitted.


Interesting to hear how they are , difficult to tell till you have them.

Oh wow. Those look really nice. Going to be very interesting to see how you get on with them. As they’re rigid, I may consider some for winter, and keep the flexible ones for the summer!


Just a quick word of caution:

How dark is the tint on the side windows? Looking at it, I’d be worried they fail the tinting regulations…

Maybe it’s worth contacting them to check?


How dark is the tint on the side windows?

Not sure…
I am well up on the law regarding Tints, the guy next door Tints car professionally.
He Tints cars with everything from fully legal Tints up to ‘Limousine’ Tints that are very black.
if you look at the first part of the video when the guy opens the door you can see the level of Tint.
I don’t think it is far off legal.
Once I get the Windows I will be able to compare the Tint with some Legal Tint from the guy next door.
Worse case scenario all the new Windows can be replaced in case they get damaged.
I will trace around the patterns and cut some new ones from clear Lexan :slight_smile:

Just checked the video again and the front removable section looks very easy to replicate.
it is just a profile with a Knob screwed on.
If the Tint worries me that much I will cut a new one out of clear Lexan, leaving the rear section Tinted :slight_smile:

Maybe it’s worth contacting them to check?

I might try, but from the Email I received the guy does not speak very good English… (Better than my French though…) :slight_smile:

Sent the Company an Email, sent it in English and French (Google Translate)
Watch this space!


Windows have arrived!
The tint is a very light one so I am confident they will be legal.
Will try fitting them this evening.
Pictures to follow… :smiley:



My replacement Twizy is finally here too – so I may be tempted to order some for winter… Wait. It’s winter now, isn’t it?

Any photos yet Andy? I’m getting fed up with the Renault windows with all this windy weather! An update would be AWESOME :slight_smile:

Will take some Pictures and do a quick review tomorrow :slight_smile:


Hey Normsthename. Im just thinking about to get the same windows you got. How is your experience ? I think is the same windows that I found in this link

I’ve had the Windows fitted now for quite some time.
I did have a big problem when I first fitted them because the left one wouldn’t fit!
The door aperture on my Twizy’s left side was approx 10mm smaller in height than the right side.
i had to modify the steel frame supplied by stripping the Powdercoat off.
Then had to cut down the frame and reweld it and then get it powder coated.
Finally refitted the steel frame and then had to cut the windows to fit. Phew! :smiley:
Part from that little problem the Windows are great!
Not saying you will have the same problem as me with your Twizy, just thought you should know…


Wow! that was lots of work… seem like you are a handy man (and with tools!)
Im thinking also about the TWY-Rain. any suggestion? do you have any opinion about those?