New Windows for Twizy -

Innovative Windows for Twizy
100% Made in Italy

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They look good, do you have pictures of the install / fasteners at all?

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Also Pictures of them opening.


view this link


Thanks, but I was hoping to see a video of them opening, rather than slide show of pictures.

If you have time to show that, it would be appreciated. As well as close up on the fastenings.


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How much and where can I buy them?


youcan buy it on . Also you can buy it by email: [email protected]


Always good to see alternatives popping up for the Twizy!

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Yes, I would very much like to se a video and how they are installed.
I am interested if it is an easy soulution and also when opening/closing the doors

Jonathan’s put a YouTube video up on fitting them. Titled new Twizy windows.

The windows in that video aren’t the ones though.

I’ve spent a lot of time searching for a review of the «Bullnose» ones, but haven’t found any at all. Can someone point me to a posting on here, or any forum, from someone that has actually bought and fitted these?

Thanks in advance!

I ordered this windows and… I’m really disappointed.
Really thin and weak aluminum! profiles (in comparison to twy rain windows) with sharp edges.

Had big problems with them because they didn’t fit, and much bigger problems with the merchant.

He promised a refund (send back at my costs and wait for the money was too risky for me) and I’m waiting for 2 weeks now :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Sorry to hear this Sandro, but many thanks for sharing your experience.

Seems to me that all of the windows that are available have problems that at least some users either accept, or manage to modify to their satisfaction.

Apart from the brackets, in what way did they not fit?

Those brackets look more like they’re made of mild steel, no? If so, it sounds like a bad idea. If the brackets were the only problem, I would be tempted to replace them with a simple aluminium profile, though I’m not sure how easy that would be.

I was interested in these windows, but the seller wouldn’t deduct the MVA before exporting outside of the EU. I have to pay 25% MVA when importing, so they are more expensive for me than others.

Hi David,

the brackets, as I can see, are made from aluminum, about 1,5mm thick. They have, in comparison to the twy rain windows, another angle to the roof and another design. This means they cannot get close enough to the upper side.

The best combination would be, to rework some twy rain brackets (or make some similar) and use them with the bullnose windows. The leatherwork is not in best quality, unfortunately, but the design/idea of the leather windows is great. But for this quality, they are too expensive.

As I implied, if you have problems and you are not in Italy, you can get some answers like this:
“Now that giù have BULLNOSE…now you have to find help where you are or you have to wait…or you can do what you want…by the way you had your BULLNOSE as i said. KR”

I hope, you can understand what i mean :slight_smile: