New ZOE with added range battery

Announced at Paris motor show was the new ZOE with much improved denser battery.

It is close to being twice the output/range in the same dimensions as the original current battery footprint.

Not exactly a doubling of density but close. It also has better regen abilities to eek out a few more miles.

Now for some big if’s for the Twizy…

If we could get a replacement battery to give say 70 mile range would you consider it?

Is the battery tech possible with the new drive train to be a Twizy 2?

I wonder if/how the KERS system in the F1 cars/Twizy F1 would be cost effective or even possible in a Twizy 2.

Personally I don’t think we will see a Twizy 2 but you never know.

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