Newbie but selling :-(

hey all, I have bought one without doors, and thought you could fit them aftermarket so unfort i think i will be selling (to get another mind you)

i stay about 6 miles from work but need to make the trip 4 times for the 4 year old and well always wanted a twizy.

drove it home for the 1st time last night and loved it as it will replace my bike now the wee one didnt seem annoyed at the cold and kept shouting how awesome it was. the range said 32 miles which i must admit i was a lil disappointed especially as these days i drive for economy

Hi, welcome.
Unfortunately wrong time of the year to sell, particularly one without doors. Shame you didn’t do some research before you bought a doorless one. Mind you , you are used to a bike, so man up and try the Twizy for a while. You might find it’s OK.
You should get more than 32 miles range, even in the cold weather, unless you’ve got a very heavy right foot. It’s only a guessometer, so it’s not necessarily accurate.

i think you missunderstand, i dont mind the cold at all, but my 4 year old passenger will i am sure

In which case, train the little one to “man up” :grinning: :grinning:
But seriously, even with doors, there is still a lot of buffeting in the back seat. But without doors the worst thing is the splattering of road dirt, although mud flaps will help a lot.

i have tried but no matter how much she tried she cant push a penis out!

was out today and a LOT of rain some even came in on the puddles. was great she loves it maybe doors are over rated. the only thing is now it says max 36 miles battery and it seems to stick at 98% for a long time…

The range is effected by the weather, Cold will drop the actual range and the GOM range. The other thing that will effect the range is wet roads more than most expect.

The Twizy does slow down it’s charge rate as it finishes off. Depending on how the battery has been charged before this can take 20mins. So I shouldn’t worry yet. Two questions - does your charger shut down shortly after reaching 100%? Also what temp was it when you charged? it will take a lot longer when cold.

As said above fit front mud flaps. The doors stop things falling out but don’t stop the wind in the back seat.

no it doesnt make it to 100% as the light goes out but if i put the key in its at 98% i will leave it longer tomorrow when at work

its in my garage at work or garage in the house ie about 18 degrees

got mudflaps i dread to think how bad it would be without them !!

IF the charger fan is still running leave the car plugged I’m not sure but think it uses this time to balance out the charge across the cells. So leave on charge until the fan stops once in a while.

If the car you got has been stored with the battery at 100% for weeks/months then there will be some loss of capacity. The same goes if left completely flat for long. Best store at approx 60%.

thank you, i will leave it plugged in all day i think at the work, i must say i have no plans of storing it. i dont miss the bikes as much now but i do so moan about this battery rental