Newbie From Devon

Hi all just joined the forum and hoping to be a Twizy owner soon! We’re looking to buy used and spend £3-4k, hopefully we can get one with niggles all sorted then :slight_smile:

We have had local dealer issues with our current Renaults, and it doesn’t seem like Twizy owners are the only ones to suffer. I had a dealer replace my front ball joints on my Twingo 133 RS under warranty when the ‘wobble’ issue I had turned out to be a dodgy front tyre. (Identified by an independent) so hoping not to need to visit them with a Twizy!

Currently there are two cars for sale local to us. A colour green on white with both doors and windows, 12 plate £4270 (not a penny less apparently) 3000 miles or a union jack no doors technic on a 62 plate for £4495

Should we wait until May when all the Options 3y/o cars come in or buy now and use it as our wedding car in october?


Welcome to the group.

I’m not convinced the 3 year old ones will become any more available then they are now. It will not be until late June that these come up as there were very very few delivered before then. Last year the with that money, you would have found a Twizy to your liking but things have moved on and people who like the Twizy have started to hang on to them and the prices have gone back up a little.

The best time would be after October and before May. When the weather is cold and some people realise what they have bought. :smiley:
Those that have owned a Twizy through 2 winters are less likely to give in this year. The winter of 2012/13 was a lot worse then 2013/14 and I suspect that is another reason for them not becoming available. Twizys are always more popular in the summer.

You may just have to pay the money and save on the hire of a wedding car and driver. :rolleyes: The Twizy would make some great photographs of the day and be a nice thing to remember the day by. That something different.

Good luck

Thanks for the advice :slight_smile: we are both bikers and the Twizy would essentially replace my old commuter bike so not scared of the cold and wet :slight_smile:

Might take a look at the UJ one this week, I’ve got a day off this week and it’s perfect car shopping weather out :wink:

You want doors. They cannot be fitted later. It is not to stop you getting wet, but they do help.
The doors allow you to carry bags of ‘stuff’ down each side of the drivers seat. We (ie. two up) get at least 6 bags of shopping down the sides.
I too am an ex biker who used to ride during the winter snow and ice rather than risk my car! Motor bike coat was used for the first winter in the Twizy, not needed last winter. I didn’t sell my Bike until he Twizy. SWMBO now travels in (and drives) the Twizy not sure that’s a good thing :lol: as she wouldn’t get on the bike.

Welcome to twizy scene, I’m a newbie too :slight_smile:
It still makes me laugh everytime I look at it

Hi, the Union Jack one is my old car, I have just traded it in at Renault in Barnstaple. We all loved it. If you buy it let me know.

Not bad deals, as said above doors cannot be retro-fitted and you need to make sure you either want one with or without.

Mine had doors and I did not like driving doorless. IMO the best spec is doors, extended flaps, skyroof, bluetooth and no windows.
Alloys and colour is down to personal choice and what is available.

Good luck!