Newbie question: Gearbox oil change

I am confused. One of the important things of electric vehicles are the lack of maintenance necessary. Yes, you need to replace tires and break pads, but that’s about it. Or so I thought.

There are no spark plugs to replace, no oil filter to change, and so on.

Now there’s a quite popular topic on this forum about changing the gearbox oil. This has me confused.

Is my information about maintenance wrong? Or is it purely optional to change it, like washing your car or adding accessories? Like, it would be good if you did it and it looks/feels better, but it should not necessarily be bad for the car if you didn’t.

Thanks for clarifying. :wink:

The Twizy electric motor is connected permanently to the road wheels via a gear box. Like all metal to metal parts this needs to be lubricated. This particular gear box needs to have the oil changed as it is running at it’s upper limits.

Does that help?

Is it bad that I haven’t done this in three years? Should I be worried?

Best to change it after that long even if you don’t do a high mileage or use it in extreme conditions.

I think the gearbox manufacturer says change Yearly but Renault base it on distance (which I cannot remember).

If you have the @kennethnilsen69 powerbox there is also a recommendation to use an upgraded oil for this purpose