Newbie questions

Hi folks
seriously looking to buy secondhand.

would it be a mistake to buy without doors?
can you still get battery lease for £30/ month at 1500 miles / year
Can you put twizy in back of transit .due to buying distance being too far to drive.

Ours doesn’t have doors, but we like it. Be sure to get [or fit] mudflaps, though. You can fit a Twizy in a mid-high roof Transit, but you’ll need a pair of collapsible quad-bike ramps. Dunno about the battery rental.


Battery hire is available for £30 if you choose 1500 miles pa on a 3 year contract, see:

I have driven with and without doors and then bought with doors as I preferred it. They give little protection from the weather, but make you feel a bit more secure and give the added advantage of making the floor either side of the driver’s seat a useful place to carry a weeks shopping, dogs, etc which is impossible without doors, plus people are less likely to climb in with doors closed-they can turn on your hazards and sidelights and flatten the battery.
Long front mudflaps are essential, doors or not, the Renault windows are absolutely terrible and spoil the whole thing.
Doors cannot be retro fitted and doorless models are much harder to resell, so I’d definitely choose doors.
The downsides are they need constant catch and guide adjustment to stop them from rattling, plus the clear plastic bases scratch very easily.

Transit with long ramps easy enough, as is moving on a lawnmower trailer.

Good luck. Keep your eyes open on here and on ebay and AutoTrader-if you keep looking a bargain will surface. Don’t worry about where it is, many people can move them cheaply enough, or you could drive it over carefully planned days and make a holiday of it.

Great answer Mender.

Many thanks

Thanks for the replies
i didn’t realise doors couldn’t be retro cheers for that.
also I’ve emailed a few dealers and the cheapest battery lease that’s quoted everywhere is £45/ month which is plainly wrong.its £30. Once i point the. error out I then get apologies.

another question is the cargo model ok to buy and insure.its not classed by insurance as a van or commercial vehicle .?

You’ll quickly find that Renault are pretty clueless in most instances and one department has no idea of the existence of another…

The cargo version is rare, I’d stick with the passenger version unless you need it specifically, insurance is expensive as the Twizy is classed as a heavy quadricycle and not a car, I would imagine that adding commercial to it in the insurance questions will remove most insurers and leave you only with specialist insurers, but I may be wrong.

Great idea to post a wanted ad, good luck. Don’t forget to offer a small donation to the site if you get a great deal and save money over buying from the dealer, as this keeps the site going.