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Newbie with a few questions

Hi all, looks like a good forum so thought id join.

Im Jacko, i do a lot of technical / maintanence help on a few ford forums (im not a chav!) and run a rally replica handmade ford racing puma when it’s not in pieces for whatever project im tinkering with.

Im also head of Technology at a very well respected 500 year old school so have been interested in ‘Personel’ electric transportation for a few years as i believe its the way ahead.

I am very interested in running a Twizy as a daily commuter, i have a brochure, im going to book a test drive in the new year (recent house move has knocked finances a little!) and im very tempted…

my main question is this…its a 20 mile commute…is anyone else going that far?

its on country lanes and villages so the speed isnt an issue bar two long straights of about a mile each but im sure i can live with that. i would buy some aftermarket windows and as for the heating…well, im used to riding my mountain bike in the cold…

there are a few hills but i can tolerate the slower speed i reckon (test drive should prove this, fingers crossed).

Im building a car port with gate and outdoor socket so security, space and charging should be fine. might get the cover too but i can park it inside my building at work

my main worry is that Renault state the range as low as 30 miles if driven hard…with a few years knocked off the batteries and if i struggle to get room to charge it i don’t want an expensive stationary toy…is anyone else doing a 20 mile commute / between charges okay or 40 miles a day with no problems

thanks for any help, im new to electrics but not to looking after cars so hopefully i can be of help…

Hi Jacko and welcome

I regularly do a very tough, hilly, night-time (lights and wipers on) 31 mile commute and have some range left-even keeping to 45mph+ all the time, so should be ok as long as the batteries hold good charge as they age. Once you have learned the way the Twizy works and how to maximise regeneration, you can get a good range.

I batter over the hills flat out and coast downhill, keeping in the traffic flow to reduce wind resistance and NEVER brake and I get around 40 miles easily enough.
A 20 mile commute is perfect and the recharge/top up should take less than 90 minutes.

My area is country lanes and villages and I would recommend the extended front mudflaps and probably the rear deflectors to keep you, the passenger and cabin in good shape. Doors are essential in rural areas and also mean you can do a weeks shopping and place it on the floor either side of the driver’s seat.

All in all, the Twizy is superb-it is far more useful and usable than I expected and I started out as the harshest critic!!
Try and get an extended test drive and pick a dealer that is interested in ZE.

Good luck :lol:

Brilliant! thats exactly what i needed to hear!

Yep, im thinking of getting a fully loaded technic (i have NEVER owned a new car so im gonna treat myself and get everything!), doors, aftermarket windows, blanket, bag etc.

Good info about wipers and lights…i will be doing that for half of the year.

Will see if i can find some piccies of the flaps and deflector as i don’t think iv seen any yet.

Thanks again. Hopefully i will have one before summer, im getting xmas out of the way and then sorting the deposit money. I have already worked out the finance, ‘fuel’ and battery rental are less than petrol :slight_smile:

I’d get the doors for sure, but leave the windows until you have tried without for a bit, the jupe/blanket is an acquired taste, gets in the way when not in use and is not really necessary, the bag was withdrawn. Take doors and flaps and see how you go? The Parrot audio/bluetooth is a good system, but some say to mount the remote on the headliner, not the steering wheel as you knock it a lot.

The wipers and lights have little effect as they run off a separate battery.


http://www.twizy-folien.de/twizy-folien/SHOP_GB.html like the idea, don’t want to drill, may make my own.

My advice would be to grab an ex-demo in the harshest part of winter when you will get a good deal (I haggled nationwide to get an ex-demo with a HUGE saving), unless you want to factory order one with the excellent £195 skyroof option, which will be very desirable on the used market in years to come.
Check your insurance covers it too-it is not a car, but a heavy quadricycle and some insurers are funny.