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News from Belgium: Soon near 60 new charging poles at Limburg (non-Twizy)

Hey, I found an article in the regional newspaper about new charging points/poles coming to the province of Limburg.
Just for your information, here’s a map of the location at Google Maps. Note that it is one of the lesser populated regions of Belgium with lots of forests (in the north) and farmlands (in the south) with a size about the same as Northamptonshire and a population about the same as Nottinghamshire or West Sussex.

Anyway, the article describes how Infrax - a company in charge of transporting electricity to the homes from the power plants - is going to put 60 new charging poles, mostly at Limburg and the harbor of Antwerp. Each pole would have two charging points, making it a total of 120 charging points (which describes the newspaper article head “120 charging points at Limburg area,” but well, in Dutch). Just 60 poles with 2 points each. An interesting feat nonetheless.

The article goes on about:

  • It is not clear when the charging points are actually at their destined locations.
  • The European Union forces Belgium to have at least 21,000 charging poles at the year of 2020.
  • It is difficult to store green energy from windmills and solar panels; but since 80% of the cars in Belgium is stationary, the excess of electricity can be buffered inside the batteries of electric vehicles
  • Infrax works together for this project with two other companies: Blue Corner and eNovates. Both companies seem to have something to do with placing charging poles, according to their website

Looking at the image next to the article, it seems they invest in poles with two normal charging points (Type 1?) each, no quick charging (Type 3?)

A smaller article next to the article lists some bullet points about a testcase of 193 users with electric cars, with things you probably would know already:

  • 50% of the users do not want to pay additional costs for an electric car in the same category as a comparable conventional car
  • People have most issues with the initial cost and range of electric vehicles
  • People hare happy with the low cost per driven kilometer
  • People like the government contributions, and also charging at home
  • People like that EV’s are user friendly:
  • 90% likes the acceleration power
  • 85% likes the maximum speed
  • 70% likes the handling
  • Almost 75% dislikes slow public charging points (6-8 hours)
  • 80% wants a charging point at their workplace as their secondary charging point

Very Interesting, thank you for posting it.