Nissan Leaf

Somewhat surprised not to see more Nissan posts, clearly a good car :wink:

I’ve had mine since October 2018, having started with a Citroen Berlingo EV, then a Peugeot Partner EV and now the 40kw Leaf, great car.

The only real niggle I have is the safety belt catch being too low, as its difficult to plug the belt in to it without shoving your bum towards the door.

Hi @sunandwindy

Welcome to the site. You’re right we are a little lacking with Nissan owners here, although it’s still one of the best EVs around.

Hopefully you can help attract more Leaf owners! :slight_smile:

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well im in the club, as well as my twizy my main car is a leaf now, so your not alone lol

Got mine Sept last year. Great car. No niggles.

I came here hoping to find enough people to get together, but it seems most people here are from Europe and I’m in the US. Thinking something sport or exercise related.