Nissan Twizy

Just spotted this and it appears the Twizy may be sold under Nissan name in Japan and America (no Renault there) as the NMC (Nissan Mobility Concept).

Check out:
The sticker covering the Renault badge on the steering wheel
The plug lead cover top is plain, but the underside has ZE moulded into it
Slightly different rear panel for Nissan badge
Slight different nose for Nissan badge
Same wheels and trims

It looks like the charging lead flap/cover has an extra plastic cover over the top to disguise the Z.E logo, hence why you can see it moulded on the underside.

So, a quick badge swap and an extra logo on the doors then. You would have thought they would at least produce a different mould for the airbag cover to house the Nissan logo.

Probably just a quickly put together prototype-but you would have thought that producing an airbag cover and ZE flap was about as hard as making the different nose and rear… If launched, all these things will be done properly.


…is now Renault-Nissan-Dacia-Lada with new deal signed by Carlos Ghosn:


I wonder which way the brands will all head?
Will Lada may come back to UK eventually as a budget brand below Dacia? Unlikely.

Interesting to see the Western Europe is asking for more basic cars and the home markets in the East want brand names!
Tata’s Nano has been hit by consumers wanting to be seen to be above the basic brand.

I LOVE basic cars and would buy a Tata Nano tomorrow if it was launched in the UK for the right price.
I cut my teeth on Lada Rivas, Fiat 126s and other communist stuff.

There’s nothing like a simple, uncomplicated little basic car…like a Twizy :smiley:

There saying this ad was posted over 2 years ago…?

I had a go in a Tata Nano in Goa brilliant little car I would have brought one back with me but bought a new Tuk tuk instead It should be on the road soon