No display when charging

Anyone having/had the same problem? When charging my Twizy the display is dead, i can’t see the status bars and percentage charged anymore. Also, when i turn the ignition key, the clock has been reset to 00:00.
It seems there is a problem with the connection to the display when the ignition key is turned of…
I checked the fuses, no problems there (even cleaned them to be sure).

12V accessory battery is flat?

As @m1n1s says check the 12V battery. It needs to have a reasonable charge before the Twizy will charge. Might just be enough power for the dash but not to trigger the charging relays.

Charging itself is not the problem, the Twizy gets charged proparly, the display just doesn’t turn on while charging.

I’d still check the 12V battery voltage.

Fuse blown on mine when this happened. Check the fuses mate…

Thanx…which fuse did you had to replace?

You’re welcome… Its a while ago so you’ll have to check the fuses mate.
I think to remember the one of the “radio” symbol, though you’d have to check. An ohm/multi meter is useful.