No garage for my twizy.. help

Hi guys, I don’t have a garage for my Twizy. Since it’s so easy to get in to. Are there any solutions or things to buy to make it safer. i’ve seen these twizy covers. But i don’t think they help against people that’s trying to acess my car.

Ever thought about those cheap garden houses? Do you have any space to set one up?

I don’t think there’s enough space for that unfortunately. But i think maybe just a twizy cover is enough? Cause that takes away the attention.

I’m assuming you haven’t had the Twizy long, am I right?

just got it :smiley:

Thought so :slight_smile:

I remember worrying about leaving the Twizy unattended when I first got mine. Is it on a drive or in the street?

Mine was on a drive so it was ok to leave it uncovered, however I think most people would agree with me when I say it’s usually ok to leave it. Yes people will have a nosy but you shouldn’t have any bother.

Of course this probably depends on where you live though.

Yeah of course! but i live not so “offently” so i think it’s fine actually

I leave mine in a public car park every day with the windows removed, just remember to ensure the handbrake is on nice and tight (it is electronic so they cannot take it off), lock the steering wheel and take any valuables with you.

Leave things in the car in the lockable glove box especially if you have a Powerbox.

Not had anyone do anything to the car, put things in etc and I think we worry about things more than they actually happen!

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Yeah so you can just unplug the powerbox and put it in the lockable box? then plug it in again,
fast and easy?