No Longer a Twizy Owner

Twizyowners, it is with great sadness that I announce I am no longer a Twizy owner. I sold mine to flumpsky tonight who will get much more use out of it than I was getting in recent months.

I will keep the site going indefinitely and am in the process of upgrading the site within the next few weeks to a much better system anyway.

I also won’t rule out buying another Twizy in the future, I just don’t need one right now :slight_smile:

That’s sad to hear, I have considered wether to sell mine, but I still love driving it every day.

Sorry to hear that James, I have just traded mine in for a Zoe. We all miss it but the Zoe is so much more practical that it just made sense. I have had to promise the family that we will get another at some point! Well done for keeping the site going, I am sure everyone will appreciate it.

I echo Mark - that it is sad to hear, but many thanks for setting up this group.
I seam to use mine more and more. I now have to watch the miles as it will affect the insurance.

Sorry to hear you have to let your Twizy go, James. Thanks a lot for keeping the site going. Most appreciated. Maybe a Mk2 Twizy owner in the future?

Hi James, sorry to hear yours is gone too.

As said by others, keep up the good work, the site is coming of age!
As you say, I might be tempted into one again when the circumstances and deal are right.