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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

No Longer the only Twizy on the Wirral!

So I am driving into work, drive past a petrol station before I turn into my estate.

I see a Twizy on a trailer. I thought I had imagined it, then thought it might have been for some promo for the Hand Car Wash next to it.

I drive around the block and head over to see them.

When I get there I find the car delivery person sat in the car with an instruction manual. He sees me and says “Good, you can show me how to move this!”

So I go through the startup procedure and help him get it off the trailer without falling through the gap in the middle.

I then asked who it was for, at that moment the Petrol Station Owner (I believe) comes over and starts looking it over but sort of excited but not. He then gets in, he then says “What do you do?” The trailer guy points at me.

I said “have you not driven one?”

He Said “no”

This surprised me somewhat. He then stated he had just bought it as a toy. He had seen mine and wanted one.

It’s a 2012 model with Windows. I did not ask where he bought it from, I don’t think our paths will be crossing. I know I can be an acquired taste, but I don’t expect to see him on here.

However the whole thing drew a small crowd from Kwik-Fit guys to Eastern European Car wash merchants.

I will post pics from my phone. Curious if it’s an ex owner on here.

I am now trying to cope with my loss of celebrity status.

Here is the pics

How unbelievable you were there at the right place at the right time.
Could have made a mess of it if they even managed to start the Twizy.
You may not be the only Twizy owner on the Wirral, however…the original and the best.
Your Twiz is much finer.

Thanks Bassflex for helping unload my Twizy. I was really busy that day and would have loved a chat. If you are passing pop in for a coffee.


Hi Sean,

Been looking out for it everyday. I work on that estate. Not seen it there today, not sure the weather might have put you off.

I was not sure if you owned the car wash or the garage.

Where did you buy it from?

I used it for 3 days last week with the windows on,but took them out at the weekend. That is how I will be driving mine from now on.
I bought it from Renault Wiltshire.