Noise from fan during charging

Hi. When charging starts the cooling fan makes a strange noise. It sounds metallic . could it be a fan starting to wear out . Has any experience with this. ? My Twizy is 2 years old and have done 10000 km.

Hi Morten,

The charging fan is very close to the road and it has been known for stones etc to be flicked up into the fan and stop it working completely. Take the front floor panel up and look down and forwards you should be able to see the fans. Try a vacuum cleaner and extract anything that shouldn’t be there. Else it should be under warranty get Renault to replace.the charger.

Thanks. Found some old leafs in contact with the fan. They are now removed. :-). And I also got to see whats under the floor.

Your mean the hand brake adjustment nut? :grin:

But did it fix the noise?

Yes the noise has gone. But I will pay attention the next couple og days. The noise was not always there.