Non invasive-destructive LED Lights installation in a twizy

Hi all,
I finally decided to go all LED and bought “Super Bright A336 - LED Headlights - 12V/36w/3300Lumens”

Having seen some YouTube videos and other folks’/ helpful FYI snaps on the matter, I was vary doing anything destructive during LED lights installations since there were not “ideal” fit.

Still, in my attempt to fit these as best I could I wanted to maintain a good seal for Headlight install, to avoid any issues.

Here are my snaps for helpful reference. Hopes this helps,encourages others to go with upgrade. More Bright light and less power consumption is a good win.


The yellow things are zip-ties to hold it in place?

Good job!
Tomorrow i’ll recive a pair of led to do the same job

Uploaded plenty photos on my blog post on this topic now.

also now finally got the side LED lights as well.

The whole thing looks ice white, very bright. #Epic

Ps actual LED set amazon product links are also posted up so you can simply click and order the same set if you like.


I posted an LED upgrade earlier this year using 6000Lumen LED’s. Bar filing a small slot to the plastic no other mods were necessary. They make one hell of a difference and only cost £35 for the set.

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Where did you guys get your bulbs from?

I got some on amazon. And found another good set on eBay.
Short of copying and pasting, I already posted links to the actual LED Light set on my blog I believe - this would make thing simpler for anyone wishing to go LED! :slight_smile: enjoy!

Ps My blog -

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I have seen your snaps, on the topic. Very helpful! Good encouragement to upgrade myself.

Yeh, upgrade worth every penny. Ice white side lights and headLights, the lot.

How’s the actual lighting effect at night? Another forum member recently switched to LES also and was all positive until he drove with them in the dark.

Taken snaps in the evening

As posted on twitter

Right. But you’re happy? No dark spots or uneven lighting? I’m asking because I have the same ones in shopping cart on Amazon, ready to click :wink:

Had them for a short while and I’m happy with them.
Suppose any snags -[if happens] I will learn myself I due course myself, - and will post FYI

For now, they are blinding-bright, and I’m very content with the upgrade indeed

Note the LED design. I wrote on my blog about nuance design I was after to make my fitting work well.
URL to compatible LED lights also on my blog if it helps.


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Post updates on your upgrade!

Will do. Gotta wait for the Twizy first! It arrives in 2.5 weeks after a 5 month wait! :rage:

You got it yet?!


Actually after I sent it I then realised you are the guy I replied to over the damaged glove box. Apologies!!

Well good on you for being brave enough to order a new one. I hope you have as much fun as I do driving mine.

I held an Open Day at my works the other day and as usual the Twizy gets attention.

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