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North/South Divide

Obviously with the limited range of the Twizy there will always be a north/south/east/west divide.

Maybe us southerners should organise a meet (Southend) and the northerners can organise a meet and we will post photos and details on here. Will be interesting to see how many Twizys each ‘team’ can get :smiley:

I suspect the northerners will win.

That would depend on the rules. We can put together a “meetup” of 9 Twizys, most of which would be able to get home without a recharge. But we would own 7 of them. :slight_smile:

Combine it with the Renault ZE show and make it into double figures.:lol:

I need to get avan to put mine inside :slight_smile:

That’s something to think about if we ever do arrange a decent-sized Twizy jamboree. EV’s are currently scarce enough that they can roam the country in splendid isolation, rarely encountering each other. If you gather a large enough number from a large enough area you could generate an immediate and local requirement for more electricity than a standard domestic supply can provide, even if you had enough sockets. I was alarmed to find two Twizys sharing an extension lead at our opening, and amazed that nothing blew. It is good practice to put your charge socket on a separate circuit from your consumer unit, but *we *haven’t. I think an EV charging etiquette needs to emerge where, for example, the Twizy that has come the furthest on its own juice gets first suck on the blue teat

We are organising an international EV driver rally in Brighton on the 14th-16th June 2013. Nikki is joining ZCW to manage the event and we hope to have a large Twizy contingent during the weekend :smiley:

Please put the dates in your diary!

And we thought Southend was a long way!

We should call them Twizy cells like the mobile network… 25 mile radius from strategic points on the map with people in the overlap being a charging point to help hop between cells.

Happy to get Charging Stations installed at the strategic points to help make this possible :slight_smile:


I’m sure scarey would be interested in this as his business is located on the a127. It would be perfect for his recharging needs, but also be available to anyone else running out on their way into London from Essex or vice versa.

… or perhaps we need to move to a stage coach or pony express model, where freshly charged Twizys are available to drivers at 25 mile intervals to enable them to travel at full speed cross country. A Twizy needs about 2 hours and 20 minutes to put the maximum amount of juice into its battery in minimum time, and that limits the average speed of a single Twizy to less than 15mph when going beyond its range. In two hours and 20 minutes you can pick up about 25 miles of flat out Twizy motoring, so that’s the optimum distance between stages. Simples.

Just applied ! See what happens when they come back to me, thinking of getting a large wind turbine as well !!

My renault dealer told me they have plans in Europe for a pit stop like approach where on major roads you drive in to a station drive on to an automated platform and your battery is removed and replaced with a charged one in under 10 minutes !! However it is considered to costly to roll out in the uk at the moment

I’d just like to reiterate what Kevin has said. I’m going to be the person in charge of organising the event on June 14-16, so I’m keen to see as many Twizy owners as possible turn up! :slight_smile:

(By the way, I’m going to soon be working with Kevin at ZCW as the new Media Relations Coordinator :slight_smile: )

The event in Brighton is going to be for drivers, by drivers, so I’m keen to get Twizy owners covered in that remit. I’m thinking that if folks come down from London, a half-way stop is a good first point of call. By my calculations, Brighton is about 60 miles from central London. Recharging at 30 miles seems like a sensible place.

I’m thinking we should have a separate thread here for that event though?


Tell us more about what is going to be there in Brighton to make it worth us Northern lot going all that way.
If there are going to be a lot of EV’s there it will be a real headache arranging enough charging points for everyone to leave again. :smiley:

That is basically what you mean. I believe they have at the moment one charging station at Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam (NL). They are testing with Renault Fluence taxi’s which should be driving 80.000 kilometers (±50.000 miles) per taxi per year. The whole process for one car takes 5 minutes, but their goal is 3 minutes per car once at full commerce.
Here is a video documentary if you speak Dutch: http://tweakers.net/nieuws/85830/better-place-proef-met-elektrische-taxis-verloopt-succesvol.html

Now that is a fabulous idea :wink:

Only problem is it’s lost a lot of money so far and it’s future is bleak IMO

Great idea for centralised commercial traffic-taxis, post office, police etc where a single base would work though.
In reality, its expensive to set up and not practical to expect one everywhere you want to go-but if the government took it on for their various fleets it could work.

It needs standardisation of batteries and common ownership of them. It has an awkward effect on design - you need to have the batteries in a common block, accessible from below (probably). The Fluence has swappable batteries (they say), but that means a rectangular space between the back seat and the boot, restricting both. It’s a “solution” that can really only work for the scenarios you describe, but I can’t see it as a long term future for EV’s of all types, particularly if we need rapid development of lots of different ones.

In the very long run, surely, we’re going to need EV’s to pick up their power inductively, on the move, from A-road and motorway beds. We will still need batteries to buffer the power, and of sufficient capacity to cope with back roads where there may only be static inductive charge points. Most charging will still, I guess, be done at home on the garage or driveway, which will also have static inductive charge points. Until then, EV’s will need to carry a big enough battery for the owners daily needs, and they will need live with the limitations that any new technology introduces.