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North South Divide

Had to visit Renault this morning for a fault on the Twz.

Got talking about sales and such, and the sales guy attended a Zoe event in Birmingham.

The MD at the event asked why sales of the Twizy in the south are good, but in the North are poor. So there does appear to be a divide.

The word from the sales people said its only easy selling a Twizy to someone that wants one. So they have difficulty selling the Twizy to average Joe, but if you walk in knowing you might want one then they claim they are easy to sell.

The demo Twizy I test drove is up for Sale fo £5800

The shop display model is now the demo model, and theu are now getting a new display model. Same as mine but in blue.

If I had the cash I would buy the demo one, it where it all started for me.

I would happily have a few Twizy’s , I am sure you could get a few bargains if you searched around. trouble is the battery rental, it’s not a vehicle that makes sense to be standing around, it needs to be used to get value from it. They would make great loan cars for my garage. :slight_smile:

Ideally the second one would be a play thing. I would save up for the software etc that changes the engine mapping just to see what it could do. If I had the guts I would enter into the New Brighton Rally and turn a few heads if I could out run some of the other cars.

I know many on here will hate this, but would love one with a Hyabusa engine in , would easily be done, and very funny to smoke a few cars on the road :slight_smile:

A Twizy with a KERS in the back seat would smoke most cars on the road.