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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Not a real photo of my Twizy

But my driveway this morning was kinda cute.

Our 2011 Leaf, the Twizy we’re borrowing until mine arrives, and our Prius.

Twizy and Leaf were both fully charged. The Prius was just sulking in the background. (It only gets used about once a week)


And a happy wife :slight_smile:


So, on Friday I got Topher the Twizy. And I took him out for a spin yesterday on my way to Bath.

Lots of hills, lots of back-lanes, and lots of fun. Hit 60 mph briefly on one downhill stretch… whoops


On the way back from Bath, I ventured onto some unclassified roads and some ‘C’ roads. Single track ones, with lots of twists and turns, farm entrances and sometimes grass growing out of the tarmac.

I think I’ve invented the Twizy equivalent of Green-Laning!


Sounds like fun! Just be careful of those blind bends as nobody will hear you coming either!

I let my cousin have a drive of my Twizy yesterday and was shocked at how silent it is. I know that’s a stupid thing to say but I’ve always been the driver!

Wow over 52MPH Mine is limited to 52 doesn’t matter how long the hill.

Looks great fun :), mine is the same, will to go over 52 no matter, seems to actually brake down big hills .

If you move the accelerator into the middle position where there’s neither electricity going out or in, it will coast to a higher top speed. You will get the “WARNING and STOP” lights though :wink:

Here’s a map of my route:

(If you switch to Streetview, you’ll see the kind of roads I was travelling on!)

Result, now where is a big hill :smiley:

The biggest hill I did was the one from the A46 down to Wick on the A420. There’s a better one, but I didn’t do it this time :slight_smile:

Nice little tip there! Shall have to try that out :slight_smile:

Pick one without Speed Cameras :rolleyes:

No chance to try this yet, but did find that by holding this coasting point (which takes some concentration).
Its possible to go for ages without using power, if you let totally off, the recharge function slows the car down too much sometimes, whereas the “coast” function lets you just keep on going. I reckon with practice, you could get some great mileage out of a charge.
We should have a competition. :idea:

Agreed. Using that technique, and switching to N when I can, I’ve got more than 6 miles before losing the first bar.

Sadly my patience wears out before my eco-driving technique, so Ive never taken that on to the logical conclusion (theoretically 60+ miles, assuming equal bar length – which isn’t true)

Talking of which, has anyone else noticed that the apparent half-way mark isn’t half-way? It’s more like 45 percent SOC.

6 mile to first bar sounds about right. However 50% battery indicator is like you say 45% charged when you plug it in.
Oddly suden sharp acceleration and coast/regen appears to work best for me. But that goes against the grain.