Not charging - Brake and stop symbol lit

Yesterday I drove my twizy battery almost flat and just before going flat I had the stop and handbrake symbol flashing and a beep. The alarm disappeared again.I plugged it for charging over night and today i discovered that it had not charged at all. Looking at this forum I saw that a lot of twizy owners suggested that the 12V battery should be checked or replaced. I did this - it was 12.6V. Well I bought a new battery anyway and changed it but still no luck.
One observation : when plugged in the charger I can drive the car. This is not possible under normal conditions. Any suggestions ?

Does the Charger start (fans spin up)?

12.6V means nothing as under load, even a small load it may break down and drop a lot lower.
A lead acid battery is made up of 6 * 2V cells one or more may fail under a small load dropping the voltage below that required to activate the the charger relays.

However having said that, can you still drive the car without the charger plugged in? If the charging relays do not activate then the Car thinks the charger is not connected to the supply and acts as normal. This would concern me as the 12V battery also activates the traction battery relay and therefore should have enough power in the 12V battery to activate the charger.

The charger fan does not start and nothing in the display. And yes I can also drive normally.

Sounds like a broken charger.:cry:

A silly question but the mains socket is working okay?

phew sounds expensive. Maybe I should have a go on repairing it myself (im electronic technician). Yes the charging station should be okay - they are public and I have tried 3 different.

a thought popped up - could it be a simple thing as a defect charging cable ?

It could easy be that simply. But i’d want to test it direct at home on a known working point rather than any Public points.

Just wanted to let you know that it was indeed a simple thing as the charging cable that had the phase wire broken. I disconnected the cable, cut it and replaced the Type 2 plug, and voila now im driving again!

Please be carefully. You cannot drive! You have all time signal on the output which give signal to the sevcon (charger control from external signal precharge to sevcon) main contactor sevcon control itself if precharge function works.

Moreover if there is no brake for this signal You have no safety (Overcurrent #2, undervoltage etc)…sevcon will only prevent their own limit, but if You have any weak cell sevcon didn’t react due to fact that only react for the total voltage