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Not charging

Hi folks
Just gone to plug in twizy and there’s no fan or dash. When I put keys in ignition the battery meter flashes and the battery warning light comes on and the service light and then it beeps twice.
Any ideas as I might be stuck at work !
Thanks in advance

Take a look at:

There’s been a few with similar issues, so call the ZE number to get them out and try to fix it.
If they are going to keep it, demand a courtesy car, as this has been known to take weeks to fix for some.

Good luck!

Well twizy is off to Manchester ? Only over 100 miles away and Renault via enterprise are sorting a car out for me. The ze help number just arranges to recover so I had to call Renault UK and complain before they’d agree to send a replacement vehicle.
Think I’m going to be twizy less for some time !

Good luck-hope they sort it asap :wink:

Renault Manchester have called to say it’s the convertor but I think he meant inverter which may or may not bode well. It’s on back order and will ring me Wednesday. They’ve given me an automatic corsa for the duration and I feel invisible now :smiley:

At least you got a car out of them-you’ve done well

And you’re dry!

Hooray twizy is fixed and on way back from Manchester. Spent £60 on petrol in last 7 days and hated driving a box with absolutely no personality.
Just got to get the paintwork done on warranty and I’ll be happy as larry

What did they do to it?
What was replaced?

Converter/inverter ? Hard to get an answer of substance but will wait until it’s back tomorrow for verdict .