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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Not Mine but I gad it for the weekend


I took sooooo many pictures. But instead of me posting them, you can see them in this youtube vid I did.


When I first started watching it I did think it was going to be one of those tedious photo album videos , until the time lapse section came on then I realised you were serious about making another cool Twizy video. Well done, I hope you get one soon.


Though I always imagine people switch off because they do not want to see my drive home from work.

Also I could have done a few less pics, but I was obsessed!

May I ask how you got to have the twizy for the weekend? I’m looking for a way to get an extended test drive to see if it works with my lifestyle and commute.

It was won at a School fair, but if you read the back of the Z.E. brochure I think it does say because the turning to an electric vehicle is a big step you can arrange for a longer trial or rent. I had if for 4 days. Hope that helps.

That helps a lot, when i get all the answers i need from my new employment i intend to “borrow” a twizy for a few days to try it out and see if it beats the train for my travelling. I did look at northwood’s whipcar but its the wrong side of london to me, i couldnt get it home.


I’m sure we can come to some sort of arrangement if I list my one on whipcar…

Begining to feel a north south divide, or London rest of UK divide. :rolleyes:

One day we may actually be able to all meet up. Maybe hire a car transporter and do a round trip to pic everyone up… maybe

Thumb out. Pick me up :smiley:

I do lots of meets for my current car club Citroen DS3 and there is a divide there as well, the most attended events are the midlands based events that coincide with larger national events such as French car show and Trax. This is when most people from the north and south get to meet, the rest of the year the north and south divides into smaller events and meets it seems. I can imagine with the limited range its going to be tough for twizy owners. I own a trailer big enough for one but kind of avoids the point of a meet driving all that way in a transit haha

Well the Demo Twizy that started it all for me has been sold. The buyer is not a fellow Wirral resident but a Londoner that buy the sounds of it has a lot of money. He has bought it not to travel in, but to commute from one end of his car packed warehouse to the other end. The other good thing, it fits in the lift that I imagine goes to other floors holding many cars. I really want to know who it is, only because someone has that many cars. At least is sounds like its gone to a good home… I hope. :’(

Ah, i thought it must have been sold as it disappeared from the website. Thats one less temptation for me.>:)
Good memories from my time with her.
I will get the gossip on the buyer and let you know what i find out.
Got your PM by the way Bassflex. I will reply via same.