Not turning on


When I charge the car, the screen turns on as usual to indicate charging as usual. However, once I unplug the charger, and turn on the ignition, nothing happens. The screen doesn’t turn on, no noises, nothing. Any idea why this may be?

I think your 12V is gone.

Mind my ignorance. What does that mean, and how do I go about getting a new one?

The Twizy has two batteries. the traction Battery - the big one under the drivers seat that is around 60V and powers the motor. The second is a a small 12V battery like from a motorbike. his powers the ligts etc. but if it does not have enough charge it will not trigger the relays and allow the car to ‘start’.

The battery is behind the front bumper. Look under the front of the twizy and you should see two bolts to unscrew, Remove these and pull the whole bumper off. The 12V battery is there and as they are used for all the 12v circuits they do not last long. Some people get a year others 5 or more. Apart from the battery terminals there is nothing special about the battery. Just take it to a Motor bike shop and get a replacement. £20- to £40 depending on where you go and the battery manufacture etc. £70 - £120 from Renault and a delay getting one.

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I saw a video of a guy that tried to recover a totally depleted 12v with a series of charge distarge cicles.
In the end the battery recovered but not enough to be used.
So yeah, before replacing it its good to try and check youtube for some experiment. Who knows you can save some sweet mula.

@George_Boon. Sorry about this late reply. Couldn’t have explained it any better than what @osbrook had done.
As to point, it depends on how old your Twizy is and the state of the 12V. If it is relatively new it’s worth giving it a good charge and see how it goes.
Mine had shown the same symptom as yours when relatively new but that happened when I had driven the Twizy on quite a few short trips with lights, wipers on etc and that drained the 12V.
Recently it was happening regularly so I knew the 12V was gone. But my Twizy is 5 years old now. I am not mechanically minded at all but I managed to change the 12V myself. Only thing is most after market 12V have spade terminals and might need slight modification (by drilling) if you want to use the original connectors.

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See this topic on replacement 12V batteries

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I think it can only mean your 12 Volt battery has had it. The screen and all other electrical items are run from the 12 Volt battery. If it has gone flat the screen will not come on when you turn on the key. My 12 volt was going flat every day so I removed it and charged it on its own. It was a little better but still kept going flat. I have now replaced the 12 volt with a heavy duty golf buggy battery which a lot of people on the forum have done. It’s half the price of a Renault battery but works great.
My new battery has been fitted for a month and have only charged the Twizy twice and 12 Volt is fine. Have not done many miles and main traction battery has not needed much charging. Hope that helps you. See the forum for details of Battery to use.

After my experience today you may of lost all your battery acid, check out what happened to me