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Number plate and battery level

Hi guys. Picked up my twizy yesterday and wondered if we need a front number plate also the battery was fully charged and only showed 30 miles is that for half the battery charge and when I dip below half battery this will show another 30 ? Thanks

As far as I understand you need a front number plate in the UK.

The battery estimate is based on the last 93 odd miles not sure why the book says that but I find it is based on the last 50 miles. So if it was driven hard in the last few miles it will show a low value that will go up if you drive correctly and not accelerate up hills.

Mine showed 37 when I collected mine 500 miles ago. It still gives an fully charge range estimate for between 37 and 45 miles depending on how I get the car home and where I have been. So lots of fast hills will make it calculate a lower estimate. However even if it reads 37 by the time I reach work (3miles away) it can be reading 45 miles left.

The battery meter on the left is also a bit misleading in that it will show half the bars but when put on charge will show a charge level well below 50%.
I have never done more than 45 miles on one charge and never dropped the charge level below 25%.

The best thing to do while learning is try to keep the ECO score up to OOOO. I always get OOO_ by the time I get home as I live on to of a hill. Therefore my figures will be different from others on here and yours.

Also the battery is like you phone battery and takes a few charge cycles to reach full capacity.

This has either helped put your mind at rest or confused you even more.
Just enjoy the car. If there is something wrong with the batteries they can be swapped as you don’t own them.

I do 21miles to work in my Twizy when I leavve the house it gives range of 38miles range constantly changes . It It was slightly worrying thinking you won’t get home again. ECO score I find no use as mine is always 000_ or 0000. I have now been drivig 2months done over 1500 miles learnt that weather terain and road conditions affect range . Only run out of power once day after receipt. Had to do damsel in distress and knock on doors in pouring rain till I found a very kind couple who let met plug recharge. I do the round trip (42 miles) to work and back on a single charge. Some days I can tell that it is close to running out of power as it struggles with the last hill fortunately l know if I get up the disentangle down will recharge enough to help me get home. I reccomend that you don’t rely on what range is displayed learn how you really Twizy behaves under different driving conditions and enjoy the learning its fun.

Welcome along Powickh, that’s some trip in a Twizy each day, you must have racked up more miles than most owners.
My trip is 7 miles each way, and I tend to keep the battery topped up in case I have to pop out during the day.
How do you intend to cope when the temperatures drop, surely ay less than 10 degrees, December till march, you will only have about 30 miles range. ?

More importantly Powickh, is that your orange Twizy? I was never offered an orange one as an option! :slight_smile:

My round trip to and from work is around 35 miles. I do this on one charge with about 10 miles left at the end, so can see how your journey is just doable. Just.

Fortunately I’ve not run out yet, but I did pull on to my drive with 1 mile remaining and the Twizy limiting its own speed to about 30mph.

We’ve done about 1500 miles now, and find the range estimate interesting but limited. Unless and until the Twizy has access to a full geographic database, GPS, and knowledge of your route and how you intend to drive it, its range estimate is bound to be at odds with what you actually get. As far as we can tell, the range estimate when you turn on after a full charge is based on a longer history of the kind of terrain and your general driving style. Once you’re on the move, it’s telling you how far you can expect to go if the rest of the trip is like the last 3km! Since that might have been a hill climb, you can get an alarming number, but fortunately we don’t live in a country with continuous up-hill gradients of 10km or more.

FWIW, we tend to have a “rest” range of about 50 miles, and if we drive “normally” on rolling terrain, our trip plus our range will stay at about 50. But other drivers tend not to do as well, range-wise, as we do. We attribute that to driving style and (to a lesser extent) speed. If we possibly can, we tend to go as fast as “one bar” of power will take you. This means modest acceleration - though given time, you can still reach 50mph on the flat - and markedly slower hill climbs, and an typical speed of between 25mph and 30mph. When we’re in a hurry, and drive the Twizy as fast as is feasible in the prevailing conditions, our reported range (range + trip) drops to 35 or lower, and that seems to be what most people who drive the Twizy “normally” (i.e. as they would any other car) tend to get.

Yes my my Twizy is orange. Renault made a slight mistake in there naming of models as long discovered when choosing what colour to have mine is urban. Like the idea of colouerd seats in colour but decided wwasn’t as pratical, liked look of technic but colour choice was best for urban. I had decided on orange urban in February when l first reserved. By the time I ordered there was an option for orange alloys I couldn’t resist. I was worried I had made the choice but it looks good.

As a quadrabike, I don’t believe it is a requirement, and dealers are simply doing it because the charge you for two as standard. My local MoT station says it is compliant with a rear plate only, and that’s all they’d check. My local VOSA office is to get back to me on this, as there’s no point assisting Truvelo / SPECS cameras unless compelled to (not that this would be a Twizy issue).

No sure James would agree to that point :slight_smile:

I would prefer to see my Twizy without the big front number plate. Shame they drilled holes to fit it. Keep us informed on what VOSA say. You are right in saying quad bikes don’t’ need a front number plate but what about Heavy quadricycles like the Twizy. The weight of the Twizy and it’s power does put it in a strange class.

It would be great if we didn’t require a front plate. I think the Twizy looks a lot better without them!

Only thing is I would have to pay for a replacement bumper as I wouldn’t want the holes in mine!

You could retro-fit 2 black rubber grommets (or some white LED’s?) to save on the expense of a new bumper! The MoT guy said the only thing preventing his confirmation of a rear-plate only, is he has not received an update confirming the vehicle class the Twizy should be tested under. It is VOSA that provide this, and like treacle, they move a their own pace!

Here you go James