Number plate size

Was just wondering what people would consider is the perfect size number plate for the Twizy?

Mine was supplied with a standard one for the front, and even though I then got a private plate I stupidly ordered the same size.

It irritates me though that the plate is too wide for the bumper.

Just wondering what sizes everyone else has?

I would like a smaller plate, the law does not look clear, as this is classed as a heavy quad. I am not a 100 % sure… But think that’s bike size letters. The American/import plates are smaller.

I have always thought “cut downs” look cheap and there is an argument for safety as they are reflective.
If paying for a private plate display it large as poss, too!

Did Buzby say that as it is classed as a heavy quad, that it can legally have the slightly smaller motorbike size plates if wanted?
I guess Renault just use what fits their other models, hence the standard size.

Yup - the minimum size permit allowed on a quad is 205 x 155mm. My original front full size car plate cracked and fell off and is now in the storage compartment. I accept that I should have a matching front, BUT it is quite hard to get a 205 x 155 in white (yellow isn’t a problem). So for the last couple of months I have gone naked and done over 1k miles without being stopped or challenged in any way.

The old one is there if I need to show it, but everyone must agree a full sized car front plate is nonsensical!

My thought was it should be full size as it is still on the road like a car, so they can be seen and read from a distance.
Motorbike ones were allowed to be smaller due to the practicality of actually being able to fit a full size plate safely.
The Twizy has plenty of room for full size plates, so in my eyes should have full size plates-plus it is the only reflective area to the front of the vehicle which could be useful if broken down along a dark lane at night-it would help it be seen without lights on.

I see the point though, aesthetically :wink:

I take a contrary view - by having large plates you assisting the many thousands of private ANPR outfits send you bogus parking tickets - with only a rear it is impossible for them to reference an in and out time to let their computer match the address to the DVLA records.

If the truly responsible want to know what it is, they can wait until I pass.

As for safety - nothing prevents you from adding your own reflective patch if that is what you like - I have a blue one that does the trick nicely and colour coordinates with my Twizy too!

hello friends,
I agree with you people would consider is the perfect size no. plate. people thinking and necessary according made a plate size and cost according also. check out prices in india Raw Material and steel Prices.

For those who are, like me, OCD, the front plate is the normal, european car-sized plate

The rear, is the european motorcycle-sized plate:

However, an exception to this would be Monegasque plates, which have there bolts at the top of the plates, where the center of the European sized plates would be, effectively placing the plates in the far bottom parts of the groove where the plate would go, as shown below:

I wasn’t keen on the look of my Twizy’s original standard 20.5 X 4.5 number plate.

So, after measuring to check it would cover the existing screw holes, I bought a ‘square’ 11 X 8 plate (the same as the rear).

Unfortunately the existing screw holes were off centre and wouldn’t cover so I ended up fitting a 12 X 6 import plate.

I’m happy with this one although did end up trimming ~8mm from one side as the text was off centre.


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The 12’’ x 6’’ import plate looks much better Peter-ss :+1:.

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Here in SLO, we have Twizy registered as heavy quadricycle. So there is only one licence plate in the rear and no plate in the front. The size of licence plate is 180x180mm and it suits perfectly.

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