OBD port on Right, lockable pocket

I’m looking at ordering the power box, but want it in the Right, lockable pocket.
I remember reading someone doing it with an OBD extension lead.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to do this?



You don’t actually need an extension lead. I have mine held in a mobile holder which is fixed to the inside of the lid in the right hand side lockable glove box. The lids on the glove boxes are so flimsy that they can easily be locked/shut even with the cable coming out from the one and in to the other. No drilling, screws, glue, or double sided tape required. I also have the Parrot remote fixed to the Power box, so both are locked away when parked. Really pleased with the solution. I can try to upload a picture if anyone’s interested.

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Thanks for that, much appreciated. A photo would be great as I’m intending to buy the power box over the next couple of weeks, so I want it all ready before I do. I also want to make sure I can unplug it if the car goes into service.

This is the phone holder - a pretty basic device, but it obviously needs to be able to fold away in the correct manner as this one does. It suction fits to the inside of the lid. The URL is Norwegian, but the thing itself is Chinese, and shouldn’t be difficult to find where you are:


The grey cable is for an old phone, serving as an iPod. The Parrot control is double-sided taped to a small plastic angle bracket, but everything can be easily removed and replaced as many times as you want.

And you dont need to do this visible, like on pictures up there. You can do this under the dashboard. Just need to make a quite big hole in the pocket bottom. You can also cover this hole later vith some cover and leave only samll round hole for the cable . I don’t have this, but have all other aditional cables routed invisible.