OE Rubber Mats

As its a Bank Holiday I decided to give the Twizy a real good clean even down to taking the bumpers off and giving them a proper treatment off the vehicle.
When it came to the interior the I didn’t want any plastic cleaner on the floor as I would risk it getting on the peddles. This set me looking at Ma options. After doing a bit of research I found that OE rubber matts are available for just £12.71.
I ordered a set on Thursday and have just picked them up. you can see the results below. I know the better spec model has them fitted as standard but for the money I think they are great value.
I think I had the last set from UK stock but I was told they could order more from France and it would take a week or so. The Part number is 8201208206 if anyone else wants any.
Also added a pic below if anyone wondered what a Twizy looks like without a front bumper.

Was it easy to remove the front number? :slight_smile:

Hi. Yep. Really easy. Firstly remove the lower battery cover. Then work your way around
The bumper removing the small screws. Then simply two 10mm bolts on the lower section. All of about 5 mins work.

Sorry forgot to say you need to remove the two small body couloured trims at the side of the headlights too, to expose some screws.

thanks for the tip on the rubber mats, i brought a set for my twizy , very impressed on the price front, under £20 delivered to my home and fitted in five minutes :sunglasses:

No problem. Glad to be of service. They certainly do make the car look tidier.