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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Off to Goodwood

On way to Goodwood festival of speed.

Hoping to see the Twizy F1. Not sure if it will be there.

Oh the tickets?

Compliments of Renault Wirral.

I won some tickets from Renault_Uk on Twitter. As expected with Renault, despite chasing the tickets last week they did not arrive in time. They were supposed to be only for the Thursday, but even so.

Enjoy your time there.

I was handed them. Think all Renault dealerships have been given some. It will be the Goodwood festival of Renault owners.

I go most years, in factt it was after last years show that I bought my Twizy, but not going this year, like to have a break every now & then

And she was there!

They had a load of wraps on show. £1000 each! Some of them were a bit shoddy in areas.

Here they are.

Thanks for these… interesting that they haven’t got the original Renault London West Twizy’s which were much better paint Jobs. Twizy F1 though…

When you looked closely they were quite untidy jobs. The F1 twizy is not an option, though I have been begging renault via twitter.

Are they going to take the F1 Twizy up the Hill as promised?
If they do I hope that ITV show it on the Goodwood programme they usually screen :smiley:


Think it’s been up twice. Seen pics on Instagram.

hope itv do a program on it, but it might only be in local regions.

Anyone know who this Guy is. It was on the tv there and talking about renault electric cars and the twizy and the twizy f1. I was right by the tv studio and saw him. Like a geek assumed he was important and got a pic with him. Not sure if he is senior in renault or in the ze group. I think I made his day.

I think the idea of ‘regional’ ITV died with the ending of individual franchises - just the National options now!

Goodwood is on tonight on ITV4 @ 9.