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Official Twizy Windows



350 euros…


Excellent, will order these.
Time to get on to contacts in France!

Many thanks for the heads up :wink:

Have we seen any decent images of these yet, or even how they are fitted?

I am wondering if I can wangle a deal with mine as it is on its way, I might say that it will boost sales if people now see windows on it. THe twizy has been at nearly every country fair, out door event on the Wirral this year, and everyone seems keen until you mention the no doors/window issue.

I did not haggle when I ordered it so maybe now is to try and get something from it?

A pic from a differant angle

Thanks, i would have thought they would be pushing these out.

Anyway just sent a text to the dealer that sold me the car begging they give me the windows for free. You don’t ask you don’t get. Basically said we know the sales are poor especially with the weather. If people see mine with windows it may spark an interest.

Fingers crossed :rolleyes:

Oh you cheeky monkey!

My editor was in Paris covering the show, so he snapped these for me:


Wow, great thanks.

You should put these on the other thread about windows.

I though I was adament i would get solid windows but these look like a good design.

Though think it will devide the forum.

I called my dealer about them today but he said all the dealers haven’t been told anything about them yet apart from they may be released in about a months time but since they’re not even on the website yet as an option I reckon it could be longer.

Never trust the Renault website for accessories. They had the rear luggage bag on there months after they lost any one to make it.

[FONT=Arial]Response from the Renault dealer I bought the Twizy from after asking if they could take an order or get a set in from France:
I have investigated the windows for you and we can’t currently get them into the UK until the end of October, I also don’t have a price.
The part number is 8201372650 so when it comes to enquiring on the price you can use this number as it is the Renault parts number.**

Would like to see a set fitted and compare them to twizywindows product before spending £300-odd, though[/FONT]

Hi folks, here’s a video just posted on YouTube showing Renault’s windows in detail as last…should give you a good idea about how they compare against my twizywindows.co.uk version FYI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UoQWFeBW4o

Hmm… They look so naff lol. £300?! No thanks. Surely someone somewhere can come up with a much smarter and more elegant solution than transparent PVC on a zip?

I think I will just go without windows, after all, motorbike riders don’t have the luxury at all and they’re ok. Will just have to wrap up warm instead!

Many thanks indeed for that. I had delayed ordering until I had seen these in detail and had virtually decided against any windows as I like to drive with my arm on the window ledge, which fixed windows would prevent. I was also concerned that fixed windows could not be opened if you needed.

Renault ones suit my needs with opening and being able to remove the “glass” mid journey, but they look cheap, will scratch and fade/discolour over time and the water will get in around the mirror and the door lock.

Twizywindows fixed ones look better (if I could get white velcro to stick on body-don’t like the visible velcro) and have better protection, but I want to rest my arm and open the window when needed and take them off without tools when wanted.

If I was designing a set, I would use a detachable metal frame like the Renault ones that was held to the upper frame by colour coded magnets/fixings so it was invisible when removed, then fit Perspex “glass” in the same style as a 2cv that could be opened in the same way-the bottom half flipping upwards and being able to either rest on your arm or be clipped up and open, as seen here:

I really don’t see why they need to be the same on both sides either, as in the UK, the seatbelt for driver gets in way of the rear passenger getting out of nearside and you only need to be able to open one door from the outside to get in. As such, you could fit a more substantial single pane fixed window to one side without giving an access to the handle (better security) and have an opening, arm resting solution on the other side with the single outside access to the door opener. In the UK, if regularly carrying a passenger, the nearside door could forgo the access to the handle and you would use the offside, if regularly on your own the other way round would be better. If you need to access ticket machines etc on the fixed window side, you could simply flip the door open when needed.

I think this would work best; metal frame on quick release bolts like Renaults, Perspex “glass” like twizywindows giving full coverage with the superb 2CV centre flipping design (there is a gap between panes, with outside upper overlapping inside lower piece at the centre hinge/join giving total rain protection and decent airflow), maybe one side simpler than the other/only one door used for accessing the opening handle, all coated in Anti-Fog coating like motorbike helmet visors.

Those I would buy!

That’s the spirit! Funnily enough, we’re driving a Twizy with doors for part of this week, so we can compare the experience and the fuel consumption. The doored one doesn’t have mud flaps, but does give you a good idea where the mud goes if you don’t. It explains a lot, and fully endorses our recommendation that you invest in mud-flaps even if you have doors. One thing we DON’T like about doors is that, if left out in the rain, the insides of the doors get wet from the roof drainage, contributing (paradoxically) to a much wetter overall experience! As a result of that I have to concede that, if we had doors on our main Twizy, we would probably be looking into windows just like almost everyone else!

One good thing about doors, if you have the discipline to only use one of them, is that you can fit quite a large dog in the space next to the door provided the dog is docile enough. A couple of hirers took their dog on an epic drive through the Black Mountains and we’d never been able to figure out where the hell they put the dog, but now we know. Our doors rattle a bit, and while that can no doubt be improved by judicious adjustment, I suspect that since they aren’t structural elements - as they would be on a monocoque car - they will always suffer from the fact that the chassis (because Twizys actually have a chassis) will flex independently of the door. In the days when all cars had a chassis (yes, I am that old) all doors rattled! :slight_smile:

Adjust/tighten the 2 lower guides on each door that fit over the black nubs that stick out on the sill. Mine squeaked like hell, took seconds to sort with the correct Torx key-all bolts were loose.

The doors make the Twizy much more usable-as per your dog note, we can get a weeks family shopping by using one door and putting the shopping on the back seat and alongside the driver’s seat, plied up against the unused door.

I certainly load mine up like that. Bags of shopping down the side with the door being keep in place by the shopping sitting on it’s lower edge. Just don’t take a passenger with long legs. Wife okay for shopping , Son not.:slight_smile:

Just put on a Motorcycle Crash Helmet. This has the window built in and will keep your head warm. :lol:

Should look great from the outside!

I have no intention of fitting windows to mine, want to get a thermometer to monitor weather conditions.
Will say the weather conditions are much worse in the back, my son is beginning to hate travelling in the back now the temp has gone down below 10 c early morning.