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Official windows

Sorry for me thread on old subject but cannot find the one about windows.

anyway cost price for the official windows is £178. I maybe ordering them tomorrow.

That’s a good price for the official windows!
Cheapest I have seen are on EBay, £228 delivered


That was me haggling.

Dont want to rain on your parade but think twice, the Renault ones let in a lot of cold, wind and rain. Some of the third party ones ( not necessarily mine ) are probably better for protection )!

To be honest I don’t really want them, but my parents want me to get them so the grandchildren are ok in the back.

i will use them adhoc.

lasted all winter without.

Saw some official Renault windows for real yesterday for the first time. I had to drop my Twizy in for repairs and to get the mudflaps fitted. Got to say, they do look better in real life, although a thought occurred to me afterwards.

Do they obscure your vision of the wing mirrors? I’ve not driven with any windows and I enjoy how aware I am of whats going on around me. I can just imagine with windows fitted that you might miss something. Or are they completely fine?

Do they obscure your vision of the wing mirrors?

No, the mirrors can be seen just as well with the windows fitted. :slight_smile:


Because of the nicer weather it is the first time I have driven my Twizy without the official windows. Wow, what a difference it makes!! It is a far nicer car without the windows. I know the nice weather helps. There is a LOT LESS wind noise and turbulence. Somehow it feels more spritely. I am topping out at 50mph a lot more than before. With the windows the racket created at 30-40mph is enough to stop me from going any faster. The doors are far easier to open. Long may this nice weather last!

I have to agree!

I’m tempted to keep the windows only to stop rain entering my twizy when parked up. And getting some of the French two piece windows for next winter!!!