Oil change on twizy cargo Video and pictures

So finally got around changing the oil on my cargo. here is a video with pictures and video showing details.
I had 10k km on the clock. i noticed the oil was dirty and the magnetic plug had some metal on it. it really needsd to be changed for sure at least every 10k km. i have notices a smoother change from N to D or R. the sounds seems to be about the same, maybe just a bit quiter. i also noticed a increase in range, but i could not quantify cientifically, i am guessing 2-3% more battery after my 40 km commute which is very hilly.
hope it helps

@bikingthings: I am sorry to say the video does not run smooth on my mac. So the most crucial part is still mysterious to me: you seem to have removed the whole inner walls and bottom of the Cargo. How did you do that?

On the other hand reomoving the inner parts of the Cargo is quite unnessessary when changing the oil.
You can easily fill the gearbox from behind the car. I use a cheap pump on the drill for that.

yes, i removed all the plastic on the twizy to make more room to carry my dog. i bought the car as a cargo option as i could do that and get more room and have the rear hatch. you need to remove all the screws all around and one piece which is basically whetre the seta belt goes it needs to be cut. other than that, just need some muscle but everything will come out

Thanks for the explanation. Your dog now has a royal entrance to his room with a view :grinning: