OLEV Plug In Car Grant (UK)

Hi All.

New member, picking up my first twizy next week which i will show when i get it.

Part of my journey to get a twizy was to contact the Office for Low Emissions Vehicles to try and find out why the twizy isn’t included in the Plug In Car Grant (PICG). Pretty much anything that can move under its own power on the road with an electric motor is entitled to some help from the government to buy.

35% grant up to £4500 for cars
20% grant up to £1500 for motorbikes and mopeds.

Imagine if the twizy was entitled to that!

8000-(8000*0.35)= £5200

That would be an extremely affordable electric car. (not sure what it would do to the second hand market).

I got a response back as to why the twizy isn’t included below.

Dear Lawrence,

As you are probably already aware, this Government is committed to the ongoing decarbonisation of our road transport, this is the long term solution to lowering greenhouse gas emissions and improving our air quality, especially in urban areas. As well as these important environmental considerations, the transition to electric motoring represents exciting economic opportunities for the UK’s thriving automotive sector. We are focusing the bulk of our funding on passenger cars and taxis as they are the largest emitters of greenhouse gas emissions and encouraging motorists to make the switch to zero emission is the quickest way to make an impact on road transport emissions. Whilst we keep extending the grants to quadricycles like the Twizy under review there are currently no plans to implement this policy.

I hope this clarifies the current situation.

I don’t find this very satisfactory at all. Considering this is public money, going towards people purchasing £100k Teslas (not jealous :D). I think this little car should be championed as a great way to make the leap to an EV.

Just sharing my experience and I’d like to know if anyone else has had any correspondence with the OLEV.


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Got the same reply ish, however the website added Renault themselves have to fill in the paperwork (and I assume pay a handsome fee) & apply for the Twizy to be on the grant list, not the other way around.

Ultimately it seems the Twizy isn’t expensive/fast enough to get a car grant, and isn’t a motorbike, so isn’t on that list either… it’s too grey

Dear Ben

Thanks for your email and please accept my apologies for the delay in getting back to you. The reason is because the Renault Twizy does not meet the eligibility criteria for the plug-in car grant. The eligibility criteria is outlined here:

Yours sincerely,


Mr John McVeagh | Policy Advisor, Program Office, Office for Low Emission Vehicles
1/29- 33 GMH
E [email protected]

That’s interesting Ben.

I checked out the van section and it required a minimum top speed of 50mph and min range of 60 miles, (those numbers ring a bell).

Maybe the cargo could fit into that category?

It would be great to see it maybe even added to the motorcycle grant categories (L7e). That has no spec on crash testing, which was another criteria we might be missing.

Perhaps a letter to Renault would be interesting to get a response.

All hypothetical really.

Hi All . New Twizy wannabe here. Also was looking for grants and free congestion charge and free parkings and no tax on Tweezy. How comes it’s not on the list? Keep bugging them pips