One good reason to put on some wider wheels on the back

He may have gotten a slight dodge from th car behind him that resulted to a back end swing…,

But those bloody stock high profile thin wheels just tip you over.

Fatter wheels (165-205 max) along with lower profile (45-55) at wider rims (15"to 17" max) will ensure you may drift away without flipping over.

Ouch !!:anguished:

At least he got out ok, it looked intact and pretty strong. I have wondered what would happen if a wheel got clipped.

Very good point. Hence always wear both seat belts to keep you in place.

If one of the wheels get clipped it will not tip over like that.

Says Sir Alex with NO FENDERS !!! I hope they got the car upright, I’m sure they did. Didn’t look much to flip it over either.

Woah! That looked pretty easy to flip. Mind you he seemed to be going quite quick and she probably clipped him in the only place to make him tip over.

That’s right on both counts. He cut in front of her way too fast and she hit him making him slide n tip over.

You can see how she parks on the side and comes back to see how he is

Not that it really matters but to me it looked like the blue car was behind the black one and decided to change lanes, did not see the twizy and hit him?

Yes, could be that the Twizy was forced into that maneuver.
Our focus is how easy it tipped over and that the drivers was safe:)

I don’t want to know what the damage is with Renault :fearful:

That’s is going to be bad for our insurance renewals who are already rocketing high. Headlines…Twizy are unsafe to drive & expensive to repair.

PS: I disclaim any misspellings or any wrong wording.

The only reason it flipped was because he clipped the other car with the rear wheel.
Cars flip quite easily when they hit objects like kerbs / cars etc.
I’ve seen an awful lot of cars end up on there roofs after crashes


I assure you Norm, thin high profile wheels make tipping over easier!
The bigger the difference between profile to width the more stable it gets and will not sway to create a corner for it to tip.

In principle you are right. However provided the Twizy tyres are not under inflated they are very stiff. The way some of us drive there would be a lot more Twizys tipping up. Mine slides before it would tip, unless there is some outside influence.

In fact it is a legal requirement for cars (in UK) to slide before tipping. This has resulted in a case against Suzuki a few years ago, who had to refund owns of 10year old cars the full price if they chose to return them as they tipped before sliding.

Hmmm! Nice uk government!!!

Let’s get a campaign going for the twizys!!! Battery rental cost refund included!!!

i am sorry, but it looks to me like a complete error on the twizy driver. he just jerks the wheels completly to the right at least like 90 degrees. i drive my car very very fast, i take some turns at very high speeds and i have never had the rear of the car move like that, if anything car understeers (moves the front) more than oversteers. check in details the quick move he makes just before he flips. seems like he wanted to get to the right lane quickly as he was going on the left side and needed to pass the darker car. complete drivers mistake. i know people compalin about the twizy suspension, i know it is hard, but if anything it is very sporty
that is my two cents…

It only tipped because the other car clipped the back of the Twizy and pushed the back out. Speed was a factor but it was definitely the other cars fault for not seeing the Twizy. Having said that it can be forgiven as he was travelling quick, next to a line of traffic. He should have been more aware of people pulling out.

Well said!!

Bottom line, don’t do jerky maneuvers near a female driver!!
She can’t handle it and you will scratch your Twizy!

Yes that was one of the causes but what’s scary, I rest my theory and this post on , is that the Twizy went straight from a clip to a tip over… No sliding what so ever.

All others tip overs of vehicles have a sliding to the side first and then they tip over.

whoa just seen this!

Who owns that car and was the driver / car ok as well? Are they on the forum

It’s good to see the frame offered a decent level of protection!