One year anniversary

Well that was an interesting pop up, been here a year, read almost every post as well I reckon and met some great and informative folk and purchased a Twizy and powerbox and love every minute.

Glad to be a part of you lot :smiley:

Snap! May I share your anniversary?
Joined and started Twizying a year ago this month and loving it. Thanks all.

Well done to you both. I’ve into my 4th year and the Battery is just slightly better than when it first arrived. Which may be of some comfort for those who have purchased their battery. I do the same commute every day and now the brakes are freed off (thanks @Lightly) I am averaging 5.1miles per bar compared to 4.6 to start with for these warmer days. My expected average was 4.4 warmer months and 3.6 winter.

Do you have a link to the post about freeing off the brakes at all? Might help with my daily motorway commute especially when it starts to get colder again!

Of course sir! Happy Anniversary too :slight_smile: