"Only old people drive Twizys"

Or so my 18 year old son says. Being a very young 48 year old, I wondered if there were any younger than me driving their Twizzys. It’s particularly annoying as his college has put in an electric charging point. So he could drive to college, park there for free and get the car charged.

Alternatively, he an stay on the bus. Personally I can’t understand him, nothing new there then.

Suggestions anyone?


Incidentally my 16 year old son told me “nerds” are trendy, and it only took me 30 years!

So, DON’T let your 18 yr old drive the Twizy, since he is NOT old!!:lol::lol:

I think the lad may have a point. Ignoring the engine for a moment, the quadracycle class of vehicle sells in hundreds of thousands in France to a demographic that is largely rural and, frankly, late middle-aged to elderly. These vehicles, most of them petrol or diesel, provide cheap and cheerful local travel, and electric versions at comparable cost are an easier “upgrade” than trying to get people to trade in their 1000km range, motorway speed cars for something that costs twice as much and (at best) goes half as far. Even the running costs aren’t as low as the headline figure for EV’s the manufacturers give out, when you take into account the battery rental, or the cost of battery degradation if you buy yours outright.

The Twizy is obviously not trying to do that, but Renault took the more obvious course of targeting it at urban youth, whose travel needs are (potentially) also catered for by a lower speed short range vehicle. Unfortunately, young urbans aren’t driving as much as they did, and urban youth is better catered for by public transport anyway.

The younger son is also right - nerds should, indeed, be trendy. The young - young women in particular - are not stupid, and employability and salary prospects provide more attractive “plumage”.

Thanks ecofunkytravel, but not the answer I’m looking for. When my son started college my wife and I agreed to pay his buss fares, while he studied. Now the college has a free electric charging point, and parking, It would save us quite a bit if he used the Twizzy, even including insurance. What I need is some of the old 1970’s sexy posters of beautiful women draped over a mustang…offering their services, as the car makes you sexy. Only draped over a Twizzy. Not really the same is it? :-))

Tough one. :cool:

18 is an awkward age in that respect. Younger teenagers of both sexes seem very impressed with Twizys, at least round here. My wife has not had teenage boys whistle at her for more years than she can (now) remember, and we’ve passed on this finding to Renault in the hope that they might exploit this potential market to women of a “certain age”. I think if your son were simply interested in having some wheels that get him where he wants to go, when he wants to go, a Twizy might make sense even to him. If, on the other hand, he’s (already) falling prey to the notion of a motor car as a statement of class and outlook (c.f. Top Gear) then the cause is looking challenging.

We’re hoping to build a quadracycle (L3) class vehicle based on the Open Source Vehicle (you can find this on Google if you’ve not heard of it) chassis with Twizy-like performance but side-by-side seating layout and better luggage capacity. This will need an appropriate looking body that should, at least, appeal to Young Farmers!

An insurance quote may sort this question, see how it is for the 18 year old and go from there…