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Optimum Twizy Cruising Speed?

Strange thing happened yesterday…
I did a journey that I do every day but was late so drove the Twizy a bit more ‘Spirited’…
Normally half way to my destination the Range usually shows 30 miles remaining.
Yesterday While I was driving '‘Spirited’ at the same point the Range was showing 49 Miles!
I guess I was travelling at approx. 40mph instead of approx. 30mph.
So I wonder what is the Optimum Speed for Maximum Range… :slight_smile:
I have noticed this before…


Gentle constant pressure on the throttle uses more juice than getting up to speed progressively then easing off and dabbing the throttle as needed, that’s why

Ignore the range display, go by battery bars left :cool:

After over 5000 Miles in the Twizy I am well aware of that! :smiley:
What I did note the other day was the car using a lot less power than it normally used.
Just made me wonder what was the Optimum Cruising speed, I am guessing around the 40mph mark…
Needs a Twizy owner with one of those Gizmos that plugs into the diagnostic connector that let you monitor the Battery current in real time…