Ordered a Twizy 3 weeks ago, and i have a few questions

Hey, first post here. Ordered my Twizy 3 weeks ago, im told delivery is in 5-ish weeks. Ordered it black, with doors and panoramic glass roof. Ive known about the Twizy for a long time, but never considered buying one untill my scooter died and i needed a new vehicle. This looks like a nice replacement for my scooter. I was shocked to read that other countries had to rent the battery, its included here in Norway. But the price is about 11000 usd before accessories.

So about the questions. Can this be charged without a grounded plug? I got a parking right outside my apartment but the closest socket is not grounded. If i had to use a grounded socket i would have to use a 10m exension cable.

How long did it take for your twizy to be delivered? I was first told 2 weeks, but after i signed the contract i noticed he had written 2 months there instead.

I would like to try drive it 80km to visit my brother. If i stop and charge 1-2 hours this should be possible rigth? Only problem is that all the chargers on the way are type 2 i think. So i would have to rely to charge on my local Ikea on the way if i get a spot. So risky :stuck_out_tongue:

Since its a few weeks untill i get mine, any accessories you recommend? I did not order with the bluetooth option because i intend to bring with me a Bose Soundlink Mini 2, it can take calls and play at a decent volume. Whats the best way to mount a mobile phone?

I see lots of people complain about the gear oil, should it be switched?

Thanks! Im not a native english speaker sorry in advance :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to the world of Twizy! Buying a Twizy is a great decision! :smile: In the long run you’ll probably be grateful for being free of the battery contract too.

I was told 7 weeks for delivery but it ended up being closer to 5 months. That was in 2014 though, so I’d imagine things have changed since then.

I’ve found a Type 2 adaptor is very useful; my workplace only has type 2 charging points now and plenty of the public ones around here are type 2.

Not sure about charging without a ground connection but it’s probably safest not to because I doubt the Twizy is “double insulated” so a wiring fault could (possibly) make the chassis live.

Thanks for the reply. I will probably just charge it on the closest public charging point, its about 150 meters from my appartment(with type 1 charging). No need from me to be super lasy. Do you have a link for the Type 2 adapter? And is that safe?

Main Accessory and one that really should come as standard are the Mud Flaps.

I too would not charge without an earth.

The extension lead needs to be over rated 13 or even 16amps and should be fully uncoiled. For the first few charges keep checking the temperature of the sockets, both at the house end and at the Twizy end. Also check the cables does not get warm after an hours charging.

Twiys get shipped around when there is room and used to arrive on a palette like a washing machine. There was a shortage of these crates.

Forgot to mention, i did order it with mud flaps. Originally i did not, but after reading a few posts here i found out it did not come with it as standard. It was not even listed on the accessory list i got from the dealer, so first i thougth it was standard.

The exension cable i bougth is rated at 16 amps 250 volts, and IP 44. Was an exensive exension cable. 10 meters long.

Ahhh!!! So Renault DO sell the Twizy with the battery included. The price, if I read right is £7500GBP? If that is correct we are being ripped off even more. The Twizy with doors, roof etc is about the same price without the battery.

Yea the exact price i had to pay with Doors, Panoramic roof and mud flaps registration and delivery is: 106,000 NOK, thats £8772 GBP. Or without accessories/delivery/registration: £7773 GPB. Thats battery included. With insurance and paying down the loan for the car it will cost me £124 GPB each month for 5 years.(I payed about 2200 GPB in equity)

Okay, so that is still a total bargain instead of the rip off price we have to pay. I think the new price of new one here is around £7800GBP with options. Then throw in say just five years of battery rental at £45GBP per anum and we end up paying £10,500GBP and then continue to pay for the battery at a further £540GBP each and every year provided we sign up in three year lengths.


My bank called me today. Said they will not give me a loan for the Twizy because its not a car, and they do not give loans for motorcycles. :frowning:

That’s a shame.

Technically the Twizy is a Heavy Weight Quad. As it cannot be classed as a Motorcycle or a Quad in the UK it can only be a car. It affects the way the MOT is done and where it can park.

I needs a Car MOT and it cannot be parked in a Motorcycle bay like a Quad might get away with.

Where do you go now? Can you get a loan from the dealer?

I do get a loan from the dealer. But its kinda expensive. The startup costs i was promised from my own bank was around £100, but now its more like £350 from the dealer instead.

Hi Espen.
Sine my answers is specific to your questions, the rest of you need google translate:

Å ha en stikkontakt uten jording ute er ulovlig i Norge så får du ettersyn på el anlegget ditt får du pålegg om å endre det. Ikke noe problem å lade uten jord, men ikke særlig smart. (Snakk med en elektriker om dette)

Twizy ble solgt med batteri leie i Norge de første årene men så valgte de å inkludere det. Så de økte prisen og problemet løst. Jeg betaler fortsatt 6000 i året i batteri/forsikring på min Twizy.

Bør ikke være så veldig vanskelig for deg å få lån til fornuftig pris, du må bare finne noen som har den i systemet som El-bil. Jeg hadde samme problemet med forsikringen da forsikringsselskapet ikke visste hva den skulle forsikres som. Men så lenge den kjøres med bil sertifikat er det en bil i følge vegvesenet.

80 km er nok litt for langt for Twizy i Norge. Dersom du holder deg i 60 sonen vil du på en god dag greie 60 km men kjører du i 80 går dette radikalt ned. Men med litt tålmodighet og Ladenå! Appen på mobilen så er alt mulig.

Har du kjøpt med vinduer? Blir en helt annen bil når du får vinduer på den. Jeg har testet glidelås vinduene fra Renault men endet opp med Twy-rain som er helt fantastiske. Vanskelig å importere til Norge, men kan hjelpe om ikke importøren er villig til å gjøre det.

Leveringstid kommer kun annpå tilgang, her i Stavanger sto det 2 stk hos leverandøren sist jeg var der som kunne leveres samme dag. Ellers er dette veldig enkelt å importere fra f.eks Tyskland siden det er el.


Takk for svarene. Vinduer tar jeg å venter med, siden Renault sier de holder på å lage nye offisielle vinduer til bilen.

Google Translate of Both posts:


Having an outlet without grounding out is illegal in Norway and you’ll inspection of electric plant gets you an order to change it. No problem to charge without soil, but not very smart. (Talk to your electrician about this)

Twizy was sold with battery rent in Norway the first few years but then they decided to include it. So they increased the price and the issue resolved. I still pay 6000 NOK a year in battery / insurance on my Twizy.

Should not be so very difficult for you to obtain loans at reasonable price, you just have to find someone who has it in the system as El-car. I had the same problem with the insurance then the insurance company did not know what it should be insured that. But as long as it is run by car certificate is a car according to NPRA.

80 km is probably a bit too far for Twizy in Norway. If you’re staying in 60 zone will on a good day thing 60 km but you drive in 80 runs this radically down. But with a little patience and Ladenå! App on your phone so anything is possible.

Have you purchased with windows? Becomes a completely different car when you get windows on it. I have tested zippered windows from Renault but ended up with TWY-rain which is absolutely amazing. Hard to import to Norway, but can help if not the importer is willing to do it.

Delivery will only depend on access, here in Stavanger was the 2 pieces of the supplier last time I was there which could be delivered the same day. Otherwise, this is very easy to import from eg Germany since it is electric.


Thanks for the answers. I will wait with Windows , since Renault said they are building new official windows for the car.

Just got a mail from the seller, and he told me the Twizy was ready tomorrow. Cant wait!

Whow that was quick. Enjoy it.

And here it is:

Btw got the rims for free, they messed up my order a little.

Congratulations - looks great!

Happy day. Now for the big Twizy grin!!

I dident even dare to go under 40% battery today. Bit scared of the range, but i did almoast drive 160km today. Charged it a 2-3 times (not full).