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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Our new Twizy

Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service’s new Twizy, utilised for community safety initiatives and our default vehicle for short distance 9-5 work (not response)! Hope you like it.

Great idea-shame the Post Office have not caught on yet!

Enjoy-you’ll meet loads of new people.

Like it, here’s mine outside my local lifeboat station where I’m a volunteer…

That’s fantastic, use my Twizy most days for picking up parts etc, it’s justo the best thing for nipping here & there.

You need a flashing light on the top. And a youtube video. That would be so cool.

Yeah getting it on youtube would be good.

It baffles me why some of my Twizy vids have had so many views.

My Twizy v Ami vid only has 800 views, thought it would be interesting to quite a few folk ??

I enjoyed that having lived in your starting village and the one next door for 20 years and then worked in Ilson. That place has changed a bit since I was last there.
Thanks for sharing.