Out of Warranty Tesla Model S Battery Repair

When you have a bad battery pack in an out of warranty Tesla Model S, and the replacement pack is $20K - $25K, the car suddenly becomes very inexpensive.

This customer picked up this 2014 for $10K, sent it to Gruber Motor Company for a main battery repair ($5K), and ended up paying less than half of what these cars sell for.


Nice bit of spam. Failed attempt tho since this is a mainly UK forum…

The moderator’s did discuss this before posting. It is an a poorly disguised advert but interesting all the same and may be of some use to someone, There are places in the UK that can do this. Just doubt you will pick up a Tesla that cheap here.

Is anyone aware of garages in the UK doing this kind of work yet? There are the www.hevra.org.uk garages but I’m not sure most of them would start pulling a battery pack apart?
I’m sure it will come in the next few years though.

Indra https://www.indra.co.uk/

I believe there might be a place down in Somerset too.