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Just wondering, can the Twizy be charged for too long?

Does anybody know if the Twizy stop drawing current once it’s fully charged?

At 100% charge it shuts of the charger and leaves the cooling fan on (Main powered) for a couple of hours. Appears not to depend on temperature of the battery.

So it does drawn mains power after the initial charge.

The Charging circuit should prevent over charging, lithium Batteries will not draw current if charged so again should be fine. The other thing to look at is the regen charging. If the battery is 100% charged and you free wheel down hill the recharge arrow does not come on until the battery has room to take the charge .

As for charging, as often as possible is best.


Twizy takes 4 watts once the battery is fully charged and the fan switches off (if). This must be background current for the charging circuit.

Finally got my Twizy but the fan stays on until unplugged even if that is several days. Does that seem right?

Its not right but mine does it and it is a known fault with some of them. It consumes 27 watts whilst doing that. That means the battery charge has shut off correctly and is just the fan trying to cool the battery box so I guess the temperature control circuit needs updating. It is nothing to worry about. Just a PITA. A software update was talked about but nothing materialised yet.