OVMS 3 finally sells! Which cable goes for Twiz?

The same one as the one used for the v2. You can use the right or left one depending on how you plan to connect.

The right one will stress the cable though!

But it´s not that strict like this guy here :wink:

The OVMS V3.1 is now on sale to the “public” :wink:

You can order a base module without cellular modem, relying only on WiFi and USB-Serial.
(App only works when you connect your OVMS to a Cellphone AP on the road)

Also you can order the Cell-Modem seperatly.

Or the bundle without screwing around :wink:

And the Antennas and Cables for the Twizy.

For Those who want to experiment with OBDII HUDs and displays, this cable would help.

The OVMS generates a OBDII Can Bus to drive such a display, but the feature is still very experimental.
The plan would be to program a own HUD with button control for profiles and access to settings and stats.

What OVMS needs is an RTC with scheduled power up and power down.

what would you like to power up and down?

The OVMS gets its time from NTP when connected via mobile or WiFi AP.

If you set that to stratum 1 then it will be as good as realtime (as long as you leave einstein out of the picture :wink: )

I want OVMS to send me positions report periodically while my Twiz is parked for weeks idle. For now I have to unplug the module as it drains battery. Bad.

BTW can OVMS turn ignition on itself, provided the key is in?

The best would be for module to send position and info reports every minute when ignition is ON. If ingnition is OFF, the module must go to sleep mode from which it will awake at certain times, say hourly, 3-hr, 12-hr, daily etc. For that it needs separate RTC and power up circuitry. Bad it’s not implemented. The most needed functionality.

This should be possible without a battery powered RTC

From the development mailgroup

What we have done in v3 (apart from change to switching power supplies) is make sure we have full sleep and power control of each and every peripheral. This means that in software we can selectively sleep/awake and power on/off individual devices as necessary. This is done right down to the individual component chip levels. In full deep sleep, with everything unessential powered down, we can get to about 1mA. The partnership with Hologram should also allow us to put the modems into sleep mode, and use SMS messages (sent via Hologram API from the OVMS server when an App connects) to wake up.

In the moment the sleep modes are not active since the firmware is in beta.
But why don´t you make a request for your feature to the developers on github?

BTW: You can currently set the interval for sending datapackets to the server in idle mode.
(Default IS 60 minutes)

1mA with the main processor in standby should not be that big of a concern, or is it?

Github is for devs, and I am a noob. I didn’t want to spam it with noob Qs anf feature requests.
I do not use Hologram but local cellular.
Nice to see the feature is in development. Thanx.