OVMS Profiles

I have purchased an OVMS V3 for my 2012 Twizy and I’m trying to get some more performance out of the Twizy.

I got this Power profile from the german forums:

But I don’t notice that the Twizy is faster, it just feels the same as normal. Because the stories that a tuned twizy is more fun, I should at least notice some difference right?
I apply the profile before the Go light. The STOP light comes on for a few sec and turns off again.

When I use an ECO profile, like:
It feels slower than normal.

Could it be possible that the battery cannot give the extra performance because its already 8 years old? SOH = 94%

It could be possible that the last owner already had it tuned to a higher performance before selling it without a PowerBox or OVMS, and didn’t reset it back to basic mode.
You may have been driving a ‘performance twizy’ without knowing.
If eco and ‘normal’ are slower than you are used to and had before, then that would be guess.
A good indicator is that in standard mode the maximum speed is 50mph. It tuned mode it is 60mph.

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Could be possible, the top speed was not limited at 50mph (84 kmh)
That would explain why the range was still bad after fixing the breaks.

But still, then the tuned performance is not impressive at all. I have still the feeling that it should be more.

It not like in this video: