Owner from Norfolk

I have had my orange Twizzy since the end of May, and have done about 800 miles. Glad to see windows now available, though undecided between the Renault windows and the UK designed version. Anyone have any views? I have had enormous fun driving the T around north Norfolk. Top speed is limited at exactly 52mph, and range (always aiming for and usually achieving four eco blobs) is comfortably 40, but not sure how much more than 40. What I miss: 1. radio (DAB or FM, not phone based, as my phone is PAYG; both FM and DAB would need aerials, and how and where to fit? I’ve experimented with small battery operated portable radios, and DAB works fine but very hard to hear above road noise, even using headphones which I suspect is illegal. So need a custom made unit driven by the T’s 12v battery and driving the built in speakers); 2. sun vizor. Final wild thought: could I carry a small portable petrol powered generator in the back, and head for Scotland? Could I charge as I drive?

Welcome to the Forum. You got yours about the same time we did and I guess you are blessed with flatness around your way (similar here in the New Forest).

For your final wild thought if you do the charging mathematics you would need a rather large generator to charge as you drove such that it would be rather like a diesel-electric train engine so I dont go much on your chances to manage that solution!

The Chevrolet Volt has a 1400cc engine as a Generator that charges the batteries as you drive :slight_smile:
Gives it 300+ Mile Range


Hmmm. Chevrolet Volt from £34,995.00. Twizy from £7,000.00
For £28,000 I could make Twizy run to Scotland AND back…

I have been to Norfolk for Delorean meetings. (Hotel Ffolks Arms) lovely place to own a Twizy. Love the country! You have a great opportunity to drive to the sea or into great areas around you. Enjoy.

Bit late with the welcome Alex?!

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