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Pain in the neck...?

I’Ve not been using my Twizy for the last month due to the weather, and noticed an improvement in the pain I sometimes have at the back of my neck. I then realised thar because of the hard ride and potholes, I invariably end up the next day with a sore neck but did not directly relate it to driving a Twizy. This last week has been a revelation - has anyone else noticed the same, or are your local roads in better condition or have no road humps?

You wimp!!! So you won’t be using the Twizy for the rest of the winter then. Must say the first thing I noticed when I first got the Twizy was the hard ride, although with time it seems better, I think only because I have got used to it. Good thing about that is when you get into another car, the ride is heaven by comparison.

although with time it seems better,

Or you get to know where all the Potholes are! :lol:


I don’t suffer from any pains from using the Twizy, but could imagine it happening. We have one stretch of road that we use everyday, and if you are a passenger, one particular bump takes your breath away.

I don’t think it’s the stiffness of the ride, I think it’s the ergonomics of the seat.

I too notice my neck and back pains get a lot worse if I drive the Twizy every day, it’s a posture thing.

As soon as I stopped driving the Twizy I felt a lot better. I was also going to post something about this but thought it would probably only be me that noticed it.

Oh good - it’s not just me then! As for being a wimp. - I used my Vectrix electric motorbike instead, so it’s not weather-related disinclination! The VX1 ride along the same route is like driving on top of a wagon with bales of straw (comfy!).

As my age progresses, you’ve no idea how this aspect becomes increasingly important!

OK, I’ll let you off. You are NO wimp!! I agree with James though. I think it is the backrest of the seat that makes you sit at a funny angle, as it is not adjustable. I did notice that when I first got the Twizy, but again I have got used to it. Because my journeys in the Twizy are always short, I haven’t noticed any problems.

This is the difference. I used to commute to London every day and sometimes I’d be sitting in the Twizy for 90 mins each way. That’s when I started noticing back pain, but for short journeys it’s fine.

Come to think of it, my back was hell when I owned mine and it’s ok now. I always struggled reaching the handbrake though. Hmmmm.

The Twizy isn’t very comfortable, although my partner (who has intermittent sciatica) finds the “upright” seating posture better for her. I find that, in a perverse way, the Twizy is usefully self-limiting. It goes about as far as I would want to go in it, and about as fast as I would want to go, and (generally) recharges itself as quickly as I need. With other electric vehicles, the first thing people ask is how far does it go on a charge. They are understandably disappointed with the answer for anything that looks and feels like a normal car. That doesn’t happen with the Twizy. In my experience, many people are impressed with how far and how fast it goes, and no-one in their right mind would want to drive one from here to Scotland (except as a stunt!).

On the neck pain problem, you might find (I do) that cold draught across the back of the neck will eventually cause muscular plain (presumably as your system withdraws blood supply). This occurs in any weather, but is obviously more of an issue in the winter. I’m old, so I wear a scarf as well as a fur helmet, and imagine myself to be the Red Baron.

This is a good point. I haven’t had any issues with neck or back pain and I use my Twizy every day, mainly short journeys of around 5 mile each way. However I do wear a scarf/neck warmer thingy. Perhaps this is the answer. Also the extra give in the broken seat might help!

I’m old, so I wear a scarf as well as a fur helmet, and imagine myself to be the Red Baron.

Talking about old, I wonder who is the oldest and who is the youngest Twizy driver on the forum. I am 66. Anyone beat that. It would be interesting to see the age span of Twizy drivers.

I’m 40 years younger! That sounds a lot, sorry! Lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you kidding? Makes me feel positively ancient. :frowning:

I’m afraid not :confused:

Well, I’m 5 years younger than Askho - so I wonder if the typical Twizy UK user isn’t the age range shown in the brochures?,!!

I’m twice James’s age, so the trend is towards the upper age group. Not that this is a bad thing and perhaps something Renault Marketing should pick up on.

Excuse me…but yes, it is very uncomfortable. Still dreaming to improve the seats on the Twizy… http://www.twizyowners.com/showthread.php/797-Better-seats-needed!?p=6030#post6030

I’m 40 years younger! That sounds a lot, sorry! Lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I am 41 years younger than askho :razz:

You are the “baby” so far.