Panorama roof or not?

I have a poessebility for a Twizy 2018 that does not have a panorama roof and I was wondering what you prefere?
Is the glass roof a must?
Pros and cons on glass roof?

My Cargo did not come with a panorama roof, while my wifes Twizy had one. Experiencing the difference I prefered the panorama version so I placed the pano roof on my Cargo afterwards. I have not discovered any cons.

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Mine doesn’t have the glass roof, I’m quite tall and found even with the tint it was quite uncomfortable in full sunlight. That might be a personal preference for me however.

I tried one at the dealers, and that one had panorama roof.
The sun hit me on my top eyes and my bald head (as often as I get the wife to shave it) could be very warm in the summer so I opted out of it. Especialy since I could sneak in the line and get a new Twizy without, 2 months ahead of other newly ordered.
In addition I figure I can put a hanging cargo net for storage in the back, much becouse my other family members are quite small :slight_smile: And that spot wont be vissible from outside.

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One of the pros having the clear roof is that you are able to see traffic lights. Also, I enjoy looking at the sky whilst waiting. More light inside too and the only con is what to do with the old roof.