Paperwork to sell my Twizy


I’m wondering if anyone can help me, I’m looking to sell my Twizy but I do not have the forms to pass on the new owner details to Renault.

I’ve called my local dealer and they have no idea what I’m talking about.

Any ideas?

Thanks !

Try calling Renault in your country, and not just the local dealer :slight_smile:

In the UK, I think it’s Renault RCI you have to contact for the forms.

This made me :laughing:

Typical Renault.

I got these forms from the Renault EV dealer when I bought the Twizy from them.
Sorry, only in Dutch language.

When I sold mine, I called my dealer who gave me the number for rci. It was all done by email. Took 2 days. Hassle free.

I’m gonna have to contact them again, cos it looks like I’m getting another twizy as I miss mine so much!!

Good for you.
Is it me or is it my imagination, Twizy second hand prices seem to have firmed up recently.

I don’t blame you - it’s so much fun!

Still loving it John??

Best vehicle I have ever had! So yea :slight_smile:

Cool. I’m getting my new one on Tuesday. Twizy colour. Black and white. 2013, 1100 miles on it.