Parallel parking

I don’t do it everyday but when I have no option… Parallel parking last Friday evening.

It was this or going round and round in circles and miss my barber’s appointment :confused:

One of the reason I like my Twizy. I won’t say love or my wife will be jealous.

I go for that option too. But bare in mind that the vehicles sandwiching you, must have enough space to maneuver them selves out. Especially the one facing you, as the Twizy length is much more than any vehicle width. Getting out of that spot may result in hitting those very delicate front wheels of yours.

The Twizy steering rod’s teeth snap off when forcefully hit. You will only realize that AFTER you drive off and your steering wheel is no longer alighned plus you have a dead spot in turning :frowning:

Btw, you own my all time favorite Twizy color scheme !!! :heart:

LOVE IT !!!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Great until some metal-box driver drives into the sides of your car trying to get out… Just saying!

I always make sure the cars on each opposite side have enough space to maneuver forward and backward.

Alex, you will not have that problem with your Twizy as you wheels will act like big bumpers and send any cars flying!!!

Is it now shorter in length than width? :innocent:

Are we still talking about my Twizy??? :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s not parallel parking, that’s perpendicular parking!

Damn! The man is right!!!

I need a long break in the sun… maybe Greece.

I am not too fond of the heat… I am currently in Sri Lanka.
Boy is it moist here:( clothes stick on to you.

In those terms I prefer the Greek dry heat.

If you come to Athens you can ride my Twizy;)